Ants Party:Universal Orange Insect-Cicindela aurulenta is back!

:tada:Ants Party:Universal Orange Insect-Cicindela aurulenta is back!

:fire:Rally the Fire Fiddler Crab and get party points according to the rules! The universal orange insect-Cicindela aurulenta is waiting for you to redeem.
(The redeem period will be one day longer than the event period)

Share your view of this event and leave your Game ID in the comments under the post! The mysterious rewards will be sent via Mail within 15 workdays after the event ends (August 27, 23:59:59, UTC+0)

:star:Instagram Free Gift Code Hunt Event (Week of August 21st-August 27th) Clues (1)!
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ID: 18253865

Love this event. Let me grab some more golden ant fragments. :heart_eyes_cat:

ID: 57594402

muito dificil pegar esse inseto, poderiam deixar mais facil pra nos ajudar.

Id 42622000

ID: 63153545
It’s like a gamble to get fish… Some time $40 and only get 10. So much risk involved. There is no guarantee for minimum award with spending.

It´s a realy cool event because you can also earn some cool ants without spending money

ID: 44761562

This is really the best chance for buyer to get the best insect.
ID 60809966

I really like this event, we’ll see how the prizes are…
Id:59184225 server:1077

i like this event because you get fragments

ID = 52697259

Yes i like event
Id 58859995

Yes id 42622000

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