Ants choice

Hello, I come to ask for help with two questions: The first, my troops do not exceed 110,000 per line. The pro grouping center is at 25. The second, considering the other ants I have (the island and death ones do not have a copy to raise stars) is there a better alternative to my training? For example, my question would be: is the JJ with 4 stars or the Nimble without stars better? That’s why I asked if some of the ones that are not in the pro unit would do better without stars than the ones I use. thank you

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Hello @icastano

Answer for the first question:

Focus on the level of your insect and try to increase the level, so you can increase the soldier capacity in your unit.

Answer for the second question:

Your current unit looks fine. When NTA is included in the game, it may not have much power, but if you can use stars, you can replace it with jack. Currently a double front line is much more effective.