Ant Combat Skill Question

Ok, this may be a dumb question, but I’m wondering how the special ant combat skills with multiple targets work. Take the Bullet Ant for example, his second skill has a range of three and targets two enemy lines within effective range. If I theoretically put the Bullet ant in my third slot, the only enemy line within range would be the first line. If the skill triggered, would it hit the front line twice?

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Hello . This is my personal opinion based on my experiences
Your question is an interesting one and has always been one of my challenges
Unfortunately the reports don’t specify which skill is activated, but I’ll give an example to explain what I understand. Pay attention to the Three pictures below

It was interesting. Coincidentally, the number of skills released in line 3 for test number one, which is not suitable for this ant, is almost twice the number of skills in line one, which is suitable for this ant. But the amount of skill damage is higher in lane one
Actually what I understand is that the effective range doesn’t mean it won’t work, it just means that the skill damage will be more effective.

Of course, this is just my understanding and I would like to know what other people think about this

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Aight. Preciate this! That’s actually a briliant way to test that I never thought of before :sweat_smile:. I’ll hold off on unlocking other combat skills on my Bullet Ant until I get tertiary leadership and I’ll give it a test too. I can report back with my finds. Thx again