Anniversary Celebration Part 4: Story Sharing

The Ants has turned two years old. How did you come to this wonderful ant world, and what are the moments that remain vivid in your memory? Did you explore the rainforest with your friends, or collect honeydew for the queen every day, or experience other events? I believe that like Jerry, you must have many feelings in this past year! Leave a message in the comment below to share your story and include your game ID! We will prepare a small gift for you!

Note: By participating in this event, you will allow the official to use your game information associated with your ID (including avatar, character nickname, and server information).




Happy birthday Jerry!

In the past year of ants i have been able to stay in contact with friends that i met in the very beginning of the game. These friendships i truly value and appreciate how the struggles i face as a person are global. My friend in Vietnam has a daughter with the same spunk and addiction to games as mine. Our husbands are both on the silly side. We never would have met and bonded if not for this game.

While my bonds grew stronger with some I cried along others over personal health, global events, and lost a few. It lead me to feel that with games like ants that bring people together. The friendships formed are surprisingly real and has changed my outlook to the world. I still feel naive but the past year has taught many things involving different cultures.

I talk about the friendships Jerry, because without the bonds in your alliance it all falls to pieces. it is something i have seen during lost island, home server, svs. Without your family it fails.