Anniversary Celebration: 2nd Anniversary Video Wanted

It’s the 2nd Anniversary of The Ants! How do you find our game, and are there any splendid stories that happened in your ant kingdom? Come on! Please record a video of about 1 minute to share your stories and send wishes to our game. The excellent videos will be collected and issued in our official clip. Besides, the producers of these collected excellent videos will receive Tertiary Eggs.

Event Deadline: March 26 (23:59:59, UTC+0)

Event Rules:

  1. Record a video of 15 seconds to 1 minute (Video Format: .mp4/.avi).
  2. Video must be clear, stable and fluent.
  3. Please send your video to our 2nd Anniversary exclusive mailbox:
    Title Format: 2nd Anniversary + Server + Game ID + In-game Name + Country
    e.g. 2nd Anniversary + Server 201 + 1983420 + Jerry + UK
  4. Your video must contain the following:
  • Show your face in the video.
  • Essential content in the video: the country you are from, your server and in-game name, your stories, and your wishes for the 2nd anniversary of the Ants.
  • Your story in the video must be simple and clear. In your story, you can talk about how you found our game or when you started playing our game. In addition, you can share the most impressive stories in our game.
  1. To make it more convenient for the subsequent video editing work, please provide the text of what you have said in your video when you send the email. The text should be in your mother language and English version.
  2. Video Example:
    I’m Jerry from server 201, and I’m from the United Kingdom. I started playing The Ants in the Autumn of last year. I met many new friends in this game, and they helped me a lot. Once I met a problem… (Here is the story). Happy 2nd anniversary to The Ants!


  1. Collection Rewards: Tertiary Egg *2, Exclusive Community Chest *5 (worth $100), Exclusive Community Avatar Frame (7 Days) *1.
    The excellent videos will be collected and issued in the official clip, and the producers of these collected videos will receive the Collection Rewards.
  2. Participation Rewards: Secondary Egg *3, Exclusive Community Chest *2 (worth $40), Exclusive Community Avatar Frame (7 Days) *1.
    You will receive the Participation Rewards if your video is not collected but conforms to the abovementioned event rules.
  3. Comment Rewards: 200 Diamonds, 100k Honeydew, 15-min Speedup.
    You will also receive the Comment Rewards by leaving comments below this post.

Participating in this event indicates that you are granting The Ants the right to use your work in any way for free without informing you. Your submission must comply with the platform terms and regulations. The Ants: Underground Kingdom reserves the right to the final interpretation of this event.

The Ants Studio

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