Alliance recruitment Group 2 (301 - 450)

Hello players of group 2 (301-450). Our alliance would like to go to the jungle. We can have 2 CSCs, 1 of which will open in 2 days, which gives us 60 possible recruitment places.

Preferably, we are looking for active players who want to enjoy the game in a fairly calm environment on a dynamic and friendly server.

Don’t worry, brawlers, we offer you a few days of purge to allow you to let off steam in a friendly atmosphere with your potential future neighbors.

The server rules are as follows:

Days of peace: Saturday to Tuesday.

You can attack players without alliances. You can also organize duels with other players.

Purge days: Wednesday to Friday.

There is no NAP summit, so you can attack whoever you want.

Tile attacks are prohibited.

Settings to 0 are prohibited except in the case of hive defense. Hive defense is considered to occur when the enemy is in the hive or in its direct vicinity.

The tree rotates between active alliances. The tree is taken peacefully. Attacks on the tree are prohibited. Fights can only take place in cucumbers with the agreement of the alliance taking the tree in order to obtain healing accelerators.

If you are interested, please contact me by private message before applying to the CSC.

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