Alguien me puede ayudar

Disculpen … alguien me puede ayudar lo que pasa que me compré un celular Huawei y quiero en lazar mi cuenta en el pero por alguna razón me sale error …

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hello dear , for issues in game log in , contact GM in the game , or create a ticket at discord

Follow the steps to create a ticket :

  1. first join discord server :link below
  2. Accept the Servers rules
  3. Select a language in the associated channel
  4. Look for the Channel “#ticket” and click “Create Ticket”
  5. A new channel has opened. Send your inquiry and a Team Member will be with you as soon as they are free
  6. Note: If you can’t see the “Create Ticket” Button you have to update your Discord App
  7. The Ants Official
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Muchas gracias, seguiré los pasos