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Observation… Pink and Blue are automatically 1 and 2 for influence ranking, Territories with only 23 buildings, well it sucks to be you, you cannot compete for the “Be ranked in the top 4 Alliance Influence” ,cause who cares about balance?
Pink will finish first.about 90 % of the time and has every benefit possible afforded to them. Free zone in the back, First day wonder and tree tunnel lockout in the biggest clash with the most buildings shared by only them and Orange. Poor Orange, you’re gonna die. You’ll spend all those days just trying to build to the tree tunnels never to see it unless Pink let’s you.
Top clash people, yeah you have a multi day march to the tree, bottom clash people, you’ll get there at least a day before top so congrats!! Keeping an alliance out of an area is disgustingly simple, make them waste all their time and clay going no where :joy:
Purple has fist day lockout of tree capability too, Yellow and Teal best be diplomatic or they can kiss the tree goodbye the week you’re gonna spend building, purple will have 35 towers layered over the tunnels. Won’t that be a blast! They’ll just keep building one next to the one you’re trying to destroy and destroying the one you’re try to build. Those 7 chances go fast :joy:
Blue and yellow get to at least conquer a new area, the rest of the map gets to enjoy an extra 8 days of forced.farmville! YAY!!!
Full and busy alliances, enjoy trying to explain to a bunch of your players that they can’t get the 50 tower build personal milestone, cause you likely won’t be building 500 towers. So yeah just sucks to be you buddy.
20 hornets, 200 Stamina, 15 mudskippers, 450 stamina, 10 gecko’s, 200 stamina, building attacks, tower assists, season ant tile acquisition and upgrading… what do you mean we don’t get 1000 stamina a day :joy::joy::joy:
All in all I observe another miserable fail with unobtainable goals, utter lack of balance, incompetent sad excuse of an event that’s a blatant money grab as we spend our cash praying for something other than 29 blues and a GA or SA from the specialty LI hatch pool .
If you’re Pink enjoy your wrapped with a bow free victory, if your anyone else, spend 45 days collecting sand, killing random crap and buying eggs!


A possibilidade do Rosa ganhar é maior, mas deve-se ter uma determinada força pra se manter em ambos os territórios.
Fomos campeões na ilha anterior, mas nossa vitória não foi propriamente ligada ao território, mas sim à nossa força.
lutamos contra as 7 alianças de forma consecutiva, foi desgastante e frustrante, mas por fim, fomos campeões.


estratégia e força aplicadas de forma correta é bem mais favorável do que a garantia de um mero território


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