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Migration pré-saison de l’île : nous recrutons !
Nous sommes une équipe combattante et cool, nous recherchons des vaillants guerriers et des sirènes sauvages.
Tu es level +22 avec des T8/T9 ? Tu adores les belles batailles et te marrer ?
Viens avec nous sur l’île aux trésors, et même rester avec nous après !
[Notre serveur (groupe 151-300) est en rang or. Avec 3 jours de guerre pour les pilleurs, 4 jours de paix pour les cultivateurs, et pas d’attaque de tuiles.]


Salut! Est-ce que vous cherchez encore des combattants??


Salut Black Mouse. Je pense qu’il va nous rester quelques places.
Est-ce que tu es sur Discord ? Plus facile pour écrire :wink:

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Hi there, recruiting players for LI on server 444. We are a server with gold svs and constant war. If it is what you are looking for let me know

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what is your server number ?

Salut! Oui sur discord mais mon serveur est pas dans la batch… je suis sur 503 donc la convocation de pourra pas fonctionner malheureusement

Hi, I’m on svs 479. i’m level 25- t9. I’m looking for friends who will take me to the team.

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Server 43 is looking for new active members lets have fun seek out tgc all active members

Would you be willing to come over to server 43 we have a place for you for sure

hello hello baby, if you are still confused about finding a server to participate in LI, let’s go to s68, with all languages, safe servers, and active players, we also have a WA group, so if you wish, please join our alliance s68, we are waiting for you to come, Wow! Wow! Wow!!! you are strong fighters :wink::wink::wink:


Ok shoot me tips how to join it correctly please

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Server 974 (AoW) Art of War Is Recruiting! Best Rogue Alliance of the Server! Grow and Prosper Together as a Family! Where your Voice is heard and taken in consideration in every decision! And with no Silly NAP Restrictions! Attack or be Attacked , Which side will you be on?

(RED) DRAGONS alliance on server 483 attracts active players. Our alliance has six billion power and is at level 14. We are a very friendly and active group and we have players from different parts of the world. We participate in Lost Island and Barren Land, we have won all four previous events in a row. Priority is given to Q25 players, but we can take slightly weaker players to grow.