A new species has been discovered in the Ant Kingdom

A new species has been discovered in the Ant Kingdom.

As a new member of Shooters, this Special Ant is different from others. Let Jerry introduce it to you briefly!:star_struck:

Introduction of Skills
2nd Skill (Full Level): When its squad is in the front line, gains 75% increased Defense and has a 100% chance to be immune to the first damage taken in each round.

5th Skill (Full Level): 60% chance to deal 250% (+Special Ant’s level*1%) damage to the enemy’s back line, meanwhile our back line will gain a Wake Effect to be immune to a control effect (Silence/Disarming /Suppressing/Confusing), lasting for one round.

8th Skill (Full Level): During the battle, the damage dealt by all our Shooter squad will be increased by 35%. From the 4th round, 40% of the damage dealt by our back line will be converted to the squad power of our front line.

Keywords of the Skills:
Shooter, Front Line, Defensive, Immune
It can be clearly seen that this Special Ant is a defensive one that can be placed on the front line, and the 100% damage immunity mentioned in the 2nd skill is literally immune to the received damage to itself. Meanwhile, according to the recovery effect of the 8th skill, it can be confirmed that this Special Ant’s anti-attack ability should be very powerful. In addition to its immunity, it can also release the debuff received by the back line to make sure the back line can output more stably. In this case, does it mean that the control type Special Ants may be challenged?

Recommended Lineup
Because this defensive Special Ant can be placed on the front line, and it can release the debuff received by the back line with a high probability, Jerry thinks that the main output can be placed behind this Special Ant. Meanwhile, of course, an auxiliary or control type Special Ant can be added, which can further improve the combat effectiveness of the main output.
Such as Myrmecotypus Rettenmeyeri + Reap Master/Slim Arched + Lathy Sniffer

Tips: The mentioned recommended lineup is for reference. You can adjust it based on your own situation.

What do you think? Please share your opinion in the comments!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: