A Brutal Battle Between Two Ant Species(Русский)

A Brutal Battle Between Two Ant Species(Русский)

Being in the village, Fauna Team member Chihiro witnessed an extremely interesting picture. A whole colony of ants was dragging their eggs across the yard to another place. But looking more closely, Chihiro noticed that this colony of red ants attacking a nest of black ants simply steals their eggs and drags them into their nest. You can even notice how the goosebumps fight for each egg, taking it away from each other.

Unfortunately, the red ants turned out to be bigger and stronger and they were able to carry a sufficient number of other people’s larvae to their nest. As it turned out, there are so-called slave-owning ants who steal the larvae of other ants, grow them and turn them into their slaves so that they get food for them.

Slave-owning ants raid the nests of their neighbors, kidnap the pupae and bring them to their anthill. They raise slaves from these dolls and then use them for various jobs. For slaveholders, such a way of existence is a form of social parasitism. Slave-owning ants also use their slaves to collect food supplies and guard colonies of aphids and cicadas. The slave-owning ants themselves hunt other insects that serve as a source of protein, and also collect pad – a sweet thick liquid secreted by aphids, cicadas and other insects that live on plants and feed on their juice; ants get carbohydrates from pad.

These ants are such interesting insects, but it was really a pity to watch the black ants who were desperately trying to fight off their pupae. If you have something to say about her work, please click the link below to leave a comment!

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