849 NeW Alliance!!! JOIN US!!!

Hello great Rulers!
I’m Tech, R4 and New 849 alliance recruiter,
We are about to finish our first Barren Land, most likely as winners! We are looking for around 20-25 active and participatory players to strengthen our squad!
We favor activity over power and numbers and the collective is at the heart of the alliance: the R4s are named according to the activity so the effort in the game is rewarded!
We are a team with a very active chat, the group is multi-ethnic, there are Americans, Turks, Russians, Europeans and Arabs, all in one big family. We have a discord page where we make decisions together and share them with the whole group.
We are looking for players with lv.25, ants t9, and above all who are participatory in the game’s activities.
We are mainly focused on Lost Island & Barren Land, so when it comes to fighting everyone has to fight, there must be no pangos and gekos rallies during fights, r0 alert.
If you are interested in all this contact me as soon as possible, join us you won’t regret it!

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