849 NeW alliance JOIN US!!!

NeW : New Life

Overview: We are an alliance focused on islands and diplomacy. We will be merging with an American alliance so events will be based on that slot. We also have European and Russian players.

We favor activity over power and numbers and the collective is at the heart of the alliance: the R4s are named according to the activity and the R5 rotates so single thought has no place. So we want to master matchmaking by being ~60 active players so as not to fall into the highest spending brackets. F2P players are therefore welcome and what we seek to respect this balance. Also, we only accept players from the 800-850 bracket.

If you are tired of playing with dictators or that matchmaking is poorly mastered and therefore unbalanced, join us :slightly_smiling_face:

Places have become limited so announce yourself by contacting me by private

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