1113 always

:ant: Join THE KING LEGIONS on Server 1113 - THE KING LEGIONS awaits you!

Hello fearless ant dweller,

If you’re seeking a powerful and united alliance, then THE KING LEGIONS is the place to be! On Server 1113, we form an indestructible force ready to conquer the depths And together we will go to the lost island

:european_castle: What we offer:

  • Unwavering mutual support and solidarity
  • Well-crafted conquest strategies
  • Coordination for epic attacks
  • Royal team spirit

:handshake: What we expect:

  • Active engagement in the game
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Respect and loyalty towards fellow members
  • Determination to reign in the underground kingdom

If you’re ready to defend THE KING LEGIONS and embark on an epic adventure, join us now! Together, we will forge an unparalleled underground empire on Server 1113.

Join THE KING LEGIONS and leave your mark in the ant history! :ant::crown:

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