The Script Team (Meme Designers) is now recruiting!

:mega:The Script Team (Meme Designers) is now recruiting!:building_construction:

Do you enjoy designing funny memes💖? If the answer is “yes,” congratulations👊, you are the perfect candidate we are looking for👀. The Script Team will be an excellent stage for you to showcase your talent. Here, you can:

:ear_of_rice:1. Have close contact with the official staff and get access to new content updates.
:ear_of_rice:2. Receive corresponding rewards based on task completion.
:ear_of_rice:3. Grow personally and gain valuable learning opportunities that will benefit you for a lifetime.

Does it spark your interest🎊? We hope you are enthusiastic, proactive, responsible, and driven. Simply collaborate with the Graphic Team to complete the entire meme production.

:writing_hand:Application link: ➜Tap to Go