[The Ants] December 5th Update Maintenance Notice

Dear Ruler,

To provide you with a better game experience, we will perform an update for bug-fixing and optimization, which begins at UTC 7:00 on December 5th, and you will not be able to log in. Please do not worry and get prepared earlier. Maintenance is estimated to be 30 minutes or so.

But the exact opening time is TBD. Stay tuned for official notice.

We apologize for any potential inconvenience or confusion caused.
After maintenance, all Rulers will receive compensation.

[Update Time]

2022/12/05 07:00–07:30 (UTC)

[New Contents]

  1. Added a new Evolution: Excellent Enhance; ( unlocks after unlocking any T10 Soldier Ant)
  2. Added a new Universal Purple Combat Type Insect: Grapevine Beetle;
  3. Added a Building List at To Do List Page Field, allowing you to quickly locate the buildings.


  1. Now you can view the panorama when you visit other players’ anthills;
  2. Now the King can receive the Warzone Mail sent by themselves.

[Bug Fixes]

  1. Fixed the abnormal notification when claiming Worker Ants explored rewards under certain conditions;
  2. Fixed the abnormal unsaving of Unit information after using the device’s return button under some conditions;
  3. Fixed the abnormal notification when unblocking players from the Leaderboards;
  4. Fixed the abnormal display of Termite Farm under certain conditions.