[The Ants] August 1st Update Maintenance Notice

To provide you with a better game experience, we will perform an update for bug-fixing and optimization. It begins at UTC 7:00 on August 1st, during which you will not be able to log in. Please do not worry and prepare yourself in advance. This maintenance is estimated to be about 30 minutes.

But the exact opening time is TBD. Stay tuned for official notice for that.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

After maintenance, all Rulers will receive compensation.

⏰ [Update Time]⏰

August 1st, 7:00-7:30 (UTC)

🤩 [New Content]🤩

1.Added the Special Ants Mutation system. (When your Queen reaches lvl. 25 and Mutation Pool is built, it will be unlocked. You can use items such as Spores for Mutation.)

2.Added the Rapid Collection for Hunting Ground.

3.Added a new Avatar Decoration: Class Expert. (You can claim it when any Class has reached lvl. 200.)

4.Added new items: Supreme Spore and Reform Essence in VIP Store. You can purchase them with diamonds.

😘 [Optimization]😘

1.Underground Cave: Expand the challenge level of Cell Challenge to 120; Expand the challenge level of Special Ant Challenge to 140.

2.The Cell can get bonus after it reaches full Star Level.

3.Added Cell Evolution-related behaviors to ways of points acquisition in [Gather Resources] event in the Strongest Warzone.

4.Optimized the Replenish Resources function.

5.Optimized the jumping logic of the way to get Hard Branches in the Treasure Store.

6.Pack display conditions of the [VIP Limited Offer: Level Traceback Mushroom] in the VIP Store are adjusted to be unlocked when the Queen reaches lvl. 25.

7.Optimized the display rules of The Ants: Complete Walkthrough.

8.Optimized some text descriptions.

🔧 [Bug-Fixed]🔧

1.Fixed an issue where message balls didn’t disappear in the main page when there were no rewards to claim in the Tunnel of Duel.

2.Fixed an issue where players would jump to the wrong Pangolin coordinates when viewing the map of another Server and then clicking their own Alliance → Events → Trial of Valor → Go to Challenge.

3.Fixed an issue where the red dot didn’t disappear after the update reminder mail was claimed by one click.

4.Fixed an issue with improper translation of some text.

Have fun! ^ ^