[The Ants] 15th August Update Maintenance Notice

To provide you with a better gaming experience, we are going to update the game at UTC 7:00 on 15th August for bug-fixing and optimization, which may last about 30 minutes. During this period, you will not be able to log in. Please don’t worry and prepare yourself in advance.

The maintenance duration may be adjusted according to the actual situation. Please stay tuned for the official notice.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.
After maintenance, all Rulers will receive compensation.

[Update Time]
15th August 7:00-7:30 (UTC)


  1. Added a new tab - [Mutation] in the Pack Shop. The original 4 tabs of Mutation and the Packs (Cell, Gene, Germ, and Fungus) will be merged into the [Mutation] tab.
  2. Optimized some in-game texts.

[Season Optimization]

  1. In this update, we have added the methods for dealing with the expired [Selective Eggs Chest] and [Hornet Trophy Chest], which can only be obtained from the Season:
    ①After this update, the [Selective Eggs Chest] in your Inventory will expire directly if you are not in the Season map. Use 1 [Expired Selective Eggs Chest] to get Tertiary Egg *1.
    ②After this update, the [Hornet Trophy Chest] in your Inventory will expire directly if you are not in the Season map. Use 1 [Expired Hornet Trophy Chest] to get a small number of Diamonds.
  2. Changed the name of the Season Milestone [Mysterious Wonder] to [Occupy Wonders].
  3. Adjusted the display position of the Gifts from Wonders in [Season Rewards - Alliance Occupation Rewards].


  1. Fixed an issue that the effect of the purple Insect’s talent skill was displayed abnormally in the battle report.
  2. Fixed an issue that the screen was displayed abnormally when visiting other Rulers’ Anthill after viewing the layout of your own Anthill.
  3. Fixed an issue that there is a red dot on the event banner during the Season Selection Period but no red dot after entering the event screen.

If you have any other questions and further suggestions, please feel free to contact Fairy via the following methods:

Official Line ID: @theants (don’t forget to add @)

Official Discord: https://discord.gg/PazRBH8kCC

Have fun! ^ ^

The Ants Studio