Supreme eggs on island

Should I reserve my supreme eggs to get better ants from lost island? Im about to get in for the firsttime

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Hello @hatrianana
the hatch rate for supreme eggs will be the same in island. In lost island, you will obtain season eggs.

Hello! i have same question… i have told by players we should save supreme eggs for the end of the event because some season ants will be available in the supreme egg hatch chance??

I didn’t see a difference in the probability of pulling out a particular ant between the island and the house. I check this stat often on ant special boost day. If the ant I want has a good percentage. I will act


Ant special boost day? Is that something that will appear after Lost Island Event? Or i have missed this completely :joy:

It repeats every week. SVS

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Ohhh… thats not what i meant, sorry

I meant that i didnt know the hatch % chance of each special ant was variable… i didnt pay attention to that…

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