Summer 2022 Recruitment Program for Video Team: We Want You!

:desert_island:Summer 2022 Recruitment Program for Video Team: We Want You!:tada:

:mega:The Ant’s Summer 2022 Recruitment Program for Video Team is about to kick-off!
Now, let’s take a look at the benefits you will get here.

:gift:Benefit 1. Free to use the time-limited Exclusive Community Avatar Frame.
:gift:Benefit 2. Free to claim the Exclusive Community Chests which can be claimed for superb rewards.
:gift:Benefit 3. Free to own the special role: Video Team on our official Discord.
:gift:Benefit 4. Close contact with the official staff and priority access to the latest game information.
:gift:Benefit 5. Get an official recommendation to let more Rulers know about your work.
:gift:Benefit 6. Get worthwhile personal learning opportunities that will benefit you for a lifetime.

:beers:If you are interested in this program, you only need to meet the following requirements:

  1. An individual who is modest, friendly, polite, and responsible.
  2. Own personal Youtube account. (It’s not too late to create one if you do not have one)
  3. We encourage you to make video creation in your native language while you are required to create it clearly and smoothly.

:parachute:Recruitment Process:

  1. Fill out the Recruitment Questionnaire with your basic info. and attach your work link here.
  2. If you are accepted, you will receive an invitation from us. Then, just follow the invitation instructions to join us.

The Video Team is also made by player. Their views are personal and have nothing to do with the official. Please do at your own risk while interacting with video team


i have question. I noticed this event before in game messages and it was very interesting. Whoever choices of the language is not suitable for my preferetions. Im from Czech, where our language is not supported via game in any way. What is understable, no every language is possible to support in every way. I checked the form for participation and noticed, that it looks like there are languages, what are more preferable.

Longer time i played with thought, that may be nice more build czech community accross zones (discord is not best tool for it to be honest, at least for czech no, where is one chat channel and thats it). And even i have zero experience with making videos about games, i see it as a good way, how to explain things about game to czech players, what often suffer from absence of language support.

And now to the point. The problem is, that im not sure if the videos in czech will be supported with this event. Totaly, when there is no need for czech MODs in Recruitement event also (where something is telling me that the reason is not having enough people already).

So my question is - is there a possibility to create videos in czech, what is not supported language in the game or mentioned events?

Thank you for answer!

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I think you can use English. After all, if you use international cognition, the expression of English will be more proper, or you use your mother tongue to add English explanations to the video. I believe everyone will accept it

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Hi, Kayly, as I mentioned in this event

  • We encourage you to make video creation in your native language while you are required to create it clearly and smoothly.

The problem here is if there is any people from you contry will join the event. We always welcome people with different nationalities join the Video Team

Sure i can do it in English. But i do not want to. I want help and build czech community, where one of the problems is English itself. So create videos in language what may be problematic to understand for many of the wanted reicipents is kinda pointless.

Also, English is used more often. Where i believe there will be many players, who can start make videos in English much better than me. But in Czech? Probably few, if even it. Small country with many players who have trouble even understand game mechanics via language difficulties for them. And even if they understand the game? There are many other reasons what will reduce the number of possible players, who may create videos for others for czech.

Yes, im know. Im pretty awared that there is this problem with searching for participants.

On one hand i understand that there may be only examples of languages. What led into my question. On other hand, the situation where language of my country is not supported via game and there is list of languages to choose may sound that other languages are not wanted. What also led into my question.

So i wanted to make it clear to me and everybody else who is in similar situation, how is it. I do not want make any assumptions. Your answer is showing, that create videos in czech is okay.

Sure, add English description or subtitles will be helpfull and probably neccessary for showing that there is no something inappropriate in the videos and for comunication in Video Team, if there will be this possibility in the future. But my point was just “is okay make videos in czech?” what you already answered.

To both of you, thank you for your comments and answers! I counted both of them into my respond.