Staff Recruitments March 2024

Hello Everyone
I am very happy to announce that we are looking for new members again! Below you can find the general descriptions for frequent tasks of all our teams, as well as requirements to join them. Now, the following teams are currently looking for new members:

Tactics, Observer and Novel are currently not looking for new members, but you are free to apply, in case this changes (don’t expect a quick reply, though) If you are interested in any of the positions listed, please apply via the following link. Everything else is explained there. Happy applying Sincerely, The Ants Recruitment


Discord Moderator Team

As Discord Mods our main task is to keep a fun and healthy environment on the The Ants Official Discord by actively participating in chats ourselves, as well as ensuring that everyone follows the rules and punish misbehavior accordingly. We work with various bots and are always open to players’ questions or a nice conversation. You need:

  • ability to work with a team
  • great game knowledge
  • fluency in English and the language you applied for (preferably native speakers for the latter)
  • excellent understanding of the The Ants Official server rules
  • written communication skills to explain things, answer questions and help players in any way
  • good understanding of Discord
  • high activity on the The Ants Official Discord

Forum Moderator Team

As Forum Mods we work as a team, doing multiple tasks from answering players’ questions, creating topics, guides, and events, and moderating forum web pages to keep the Forum environment safe for all players. You need:

  • experience with a forum website page
  • good game knowledge
  • multitasking abilities
  • ability to work with a team

Facebook Moderator Team:

As Facebook Group Moderators we play a pivotal role in shaping the The Ants Facebook group’s culture, ensuring compliance with community guidelines, and fostering a positive and engaging environment for its members. You need:

  • proficient use of Facebook and a good understanding of its features and functionalities
  • strong written communication skills to interact with group members effectively
  • knowledge of Facebook’s community standards and the ability to enforce group rules consistently
  • ability to work collaboratively with group admins and other moderators to address challenges and implement improvements
  • availability to monitor the group regularly and respond promptly to member inquiries or issues
  • proficiency in basic graphic design tasks, including the creation of banners, memes, and other graphical content

Tactics Team:

As Tactics Staff we play a pivotal role in helping and shaping the community with guides, help over material in the game, whether it be basic information or advanced information, ant discussion topics, all while fostering a positive and helping environment. You need:

  • a good understanding of a multitude of in game features and functionalities
  • strong written communication skills to interact with community members effectively, along with patience and willingness to learn
  • ability to work collaboratively with other staff teams, admins, and overall community to help create better guides and knowledge for the community
  • proficiency in basic graphic design tasks, including making screenshots to show understanding of topics, graphs and/or charts for the community, and potential guides to help enhance the understanding of certain areas of play such as Lost Island or just starting

Event Team:

In our team we create Discord Events to improve the activity on our beloved The Ants Official Discord server in fun ways. You need:

  • creative ideas
  • team spirit
  • chat cheerleader qualitys (convince people to participate)
  • ability to use excel/Google sheets
  • a PC

Art Team (Graphics creation):

As Graphics creators our tasks include making digital illustrations for events, emoji, banners, and sometimes drawing memes for the Script team. You need to:

  • possess a device to draw on
  • know how to use a digital software
  • be able to understand potential tasks coming from different teams
  • respect deadlines Important! You should be the original author of the illustrations you send and not use images you found on the internet. Remember that no illustrations will be used in the game.

Art Team (Meme creation):

As Meme creators we create fun, original memes for different platforms to entertain the The Ants community with relatable, non toxic content. You need:

  • great game knowledge to joke about many things (played for at least 6+ months)
  • ability to draw digitally
  • experience with Spreadsheets and Canva
  • creativity
  • to be funny and relatable
  • to have posted at least 5 memes on the Official Discord

Stage Team:

As Stage Members our main job is to handle Live Stage and any pertinent discussion held in voice channels by the team based on a predetermined set of information, as a way to reach out to players new and old to inform them of the latest game updates and offering collective knowledge to any player who requires advice on the internal mechanics of The Ants game play. Our team does not consist of numerous members due to requirement of a specific skill set. To qualify for the team, you should:

  • be comfortable with multitasking
  • have a good level of fluency in English, to be able to communicate with the team and the audience
  • be at ease interacting with a live audience and strangers (i.e. anyone who has a question)
  • be available to attend training sessions and team meetings
  • communicate and respond to tags
  • acknowledge and complete assignments handed out by team mentors
  • have any kind of microphone and headphones

Observer Team:

As Observers we are versatile in our work on the The Ants Forum site. We write unbiased reports of our Lost Island / Barren Land events, work on user guides and sometimes even report on the bigger battles of the events. We offer players a window into other events and seek to improve everyone’s knowledge. You need to:

  • create individual reports with event strategies and battle reviews that include screenshots, videos and tactics
  • write out information guides about events or game setups
  • keep an eye out for game bugs and event changes

Video Team:

As members of the video team we strive to improve our video making skills to provide informative content to our viewers, as well as having the exclusive ability to early content to be shared with the The Ants Youtube community! You need:

  • a Youtube channel with the necessary equipment to create videos about The Ants
  • to be highly motivated and self driven
  • at least basic knowledge of recording and editing
  • good game knowledge
  • passion in your work
  • the strive to always improve

Proofreader Team:

As PR members our main tasks are writing, translating, and correcting texts in all kinds of forms. This includes the translation of memes, interviews, and any other request from the various The Ants teams, as well as verification of text/translation errors and their corrections for escalation to fairies to implementation. For those tasks we mainly use Discord, Canva, and Google Spreadsheets. You need:

  • ability to work with a team
  • excellent fluency in the language you apply for (preferably native speakers), as well as great fluency in English (B2)
  • communication skills
  • creativity
  • writing skills
  • willingness to learn working with new programs and/or experience with the mentioned applications

Novel Team:

For the Novel team we are trying to build up a strong team of writers who have a passion for ants and story telling. All genres are welcome! We are looking for diverse and unique writers. You need:

  • a passion for writing
  • creative thinking
  • the ability to provide weekly updates of what you are working on
  • dedication
  • to be willing to put the work in to create a really great, collaborative team. The novel team is a great place to allow free thinking and creativity.

Spotlight Team:

We interview players of The Ants and ask them about their Antslife, opinion about the game, where they come from, how they found The Ants and of course what their life is like outside of The Ants. We focus on highlighting the stories of our interviewees, so others can learn from them and readers get motivated to share their stories, too. We use Canva to edit/design the interviews and Discord as a communication and working platform. So, we are a very talkative, open-minded and creative team! You need:

  • ability to work with a team
  • ability to use or operate digital tools
  • empathy
  • communication skills
  • sociability
  • attentiveness and politeness
  • flexibility
  • structured way of working & good organization