SOH Barren Land, Server 590, Batch 15- SL 750


After winning the previous event, all our members are enjoying the rewards and limited time hill skins. I was able to hatch two season ants through the Dominated Season hatch:

SOH is now back the original server after a very crazy last event. We are starting to prepare to go back to Barren Land, but we have decided to skip the first calling and go to the second instead.

We have now gone into a recruitment mode for the next event. Some members have gone on to seek new adventures, while new members have started to come in. SOH will try to bring in some new, strong players to help win the next Barren Land. We will be waiting to give us time to recruit players with similar values that will fit in with the culture of SOH.

As always, we will be farming healing speed ups and gaining much needed resources. We want to be fully prepared for whatever the next event brings our way. We will be hoping for reliable, friendly allies when the pairing finally starts.

There are still a few more weeks before we will leave to go back to Barren Land. We will make the most out of being on the original server. This will include splitting into 2 alliances to have friendly battles for the tree, as well as taking advantage of the 2 purge days we have on 590. Even though we won our last Barren Land, it was very stressful for many members, including leadership. Everyone will enjoy the small break as we rebuild, recruit, and prepare for the next event.



SOH is still on the original server until the next Barren Land calling. As I mentioned before, we decided to take some time to recruit and prepare to be ready when the next event starts.

We have a lot of returning members that have come home, as well as a lot of new recruits that have joined the SOH family. There is a lot of excitement to see what we can do in the next Barren Land event.

As it stands now, we have 77 members. However, there will be a few more players leaving and new arrivals in the coming days.

We will continue to farm healing speedups during our War of Kings events, as well as gaining much needed resources to bring with us. There are still a few more weeks to go, but we will be ready when the next call opens.

More updates to come…


After a couple weeks of recruiting and preparing for the next event, SOH is ready sign up for the next Barren Land. We had been debating on signing up for the next calling, or to wait for another turn; however, we feel that we now have enough members and strength to sign up as soon as the event preview ends in 3 days.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been preparing for Barren by recruiting new members adjusting our ranks, collecting resources, and forming the War of Kings event for much needed healing speedups. We will continue to do this until the next event opens to give us the best chance at success.

After a horrible experience the last Barren Land, SOH is hoping the next event will be much more enjoyable for all our members. We are hoping for strong allies that are willing to work closely as a team, as well as a protection time that will benefit the camp as a whole.

With the countdown timer of the Barren Land preview slowly ticking down, everyone is starting to get excited for another experience and vacation off the regular server. We have a few more days to prepare, but everyone seems anxious to get back to the fighting. We will be ready to go when the time comes!

Barren Land, get ready for SOH!


It has been a boring few weeks on the original server, and SOH is itching to get back to Barren Land. All of our members have been working hard to accumulate healing speedups and resources to use during the next event. Everyone is happy that we have finally signed up to go back.

We have recently had problems with a couple of pirates on our server. There was a misunderstanding a couple weeks back over the taking of the tree, and that has lead to constant attacks on my alliance. At the very least, it has given us some excitement and entertainment while waiting for the event to start. Unfortunately, this has also effected our gathering, as they have been hitting our resource tiles, even on gathering days. We have been constantly shielding and fighting to try and protect offline members until we leave for the event.

This week will be the last to farm healing speedups during the War of Kings event. I will be leaving SOH again and going to our farm alliance, TNT, to help other SOH members gain more speedups by fighting in the squirters. The Barren Land registration period ends in 6 days, and we will continue to do what we can to prepare for the next event.

SOH is hoping for reliable, friendly allies, as well as a protection time that will benefit the entire camp. SOH’s most active time is after 16UTC and just after reset. We hope that the alliances we are paired with will want a similar schedule and have a similar active time. Having a protection time of 8UTC to 16UTC would be the most ideal for my alliance.

Since these posts now have a delay for posting to the blog, I will mention that I will be given the role of R5 for the next Barren Land event. This is not yet public information amoung our members. My leader, Sire, has decided to take a small break from the R5 role, and he will be handing over the alliance for me to lead SOH this event. This is a great honor for me to lead such a amazing alliance, and I hope that I can make them proud. I will have the help of our wonderful R4 leadership team to make decisions and planning strategies.

With many members leaving the alliance, I have hand picked some of the new R4 members to help during this event. I have a lot of faith in our leadership team, and I believe we can make this next Barren Land a successful event for everyone. We have also recruited some new players that I think will have a great effect on the outcome.

Although SOH has had some disagreements and problems with a couple of the allied alliances during the last couple of events, we did win our last Barren Land. We hope that we can take the things we learned from the previous Barren Lands and use them to move forward and bring momentum to the next event. Everyone is excited to go back. All we need to do now is wait for the countdown to end.

More updates to come…


SOH is entering the final days on the regular server, as the matchmaking period has begun for our Barren Land event. We will know in six days who our enemies and allies will be this time around. There is a lot of excitement to go back to the event, as we have taken a break for a few weeks while recruiting and rebuilding the alliance.

We have brought back a few familiar faces, as well as some new ones in anticipation for another long, hard event. We are hoping that our allies will be strong and level headed going into Barren Land. SOH looks forward to working with whoever our allies might be. We now stand at 82 members.

We will be using the same strategy as our prior events. We will open a shared discord channel for communication with the other two alliances in our camp. We will also be working with them very closely to determine the best protection time for everyone to have each alliance’s most active time open to give the best opportunity to all the alliances in the camp to contribute to their maximum potential. SOH is also hoping to have the northern zone as a starting point on the map, because we do have some comfortability in this zone from two of our previous events.

Although we are locked in the alliance during the matchmaking period, we are hoping that we will still be able to farm some more healing speedups during the War of Kings event this Friday. We will need all the healing speedups and resources that we can get to be prepared for the event to come. We will continue to also farm resources to bring our depots full as to not use our reserves for the Warzone events.

SOH will continue to evaluate our rankings, and adjust members as needed to give us the best chance of success. We are excited to get back to Barren Land, and we hope that the allies we will have will be helpful as our first two events. Either way, SOH is prepared to fight and give our all. Now it’s just a waiting game until we know the teams.

More updates to come…


The time has finally come for us to meet our allies and enemies for the event. The matchmaking period has ended, and we are starting to get to know the allied alliances. We have been paired with TVK from server 566 and RoP from server 470. The enemy alliances are LAC from server 294, UKR from server 338, and HtH from server 632. Two of the enemy alliances are from much lower servers than the ones in our camp, but we are hoping that won’t make a huge difference in their strength.

We are currently creating a discord for all the alliances to share to be able to communicate easier, pre-event planning, battle strategies, and get to know each other a little more before the event starts. At this time, we have only invited the officers of the three alliances, but we plan on opening the discord for all members once the event starts.

The main objective now is to agree on our camp leader, starting locations, and protection time for Barren Land. The leader of TVK has shown interest in being the R6 for our camp, but this is still being debated among the alliances. SOH and TVK seem to have a similar active time and want the protection to be 8 to 16UTC; however, we will need to talk more with RoP to find a protection time that is suitable for all three alliances. We will also be chosing the best starting locations for all the alliances to give us the best chance of supporting each other. Both TVK and RoP seem like great alliances, and we are excited to be working with them this event.

Back on the original server, SOH is adjusting its ranks. We have a few new R4s that we are confident will have a huge impact on the way the event goes for the alliance. Over the coming days, we will be trying to farm more healing speedups and resources for the event. We will need an abundance of both if we want to have the best chance of winning. Everyone is excited to get back to Barren Land, and we hope that we will have fun and be able to come out with another win.

More updates to come…


Our first week on Barren Land has been very productive. Everyone in SOH is happy to be back in the event. Before we left for the event, I was given the honor of being the R5 of SOH and also king on the server. I adjusted my leadership team, and I think we have a very strong team of R4s to lead us to victory.

We created a shared discord with our allies in the event. Both TVK and RoP have been very cooperative and friendly, and I think this event will go well for all three alliances. As mentioned in my previous post, we have selected the leader of TVK to be the R6 for our event. Stone Camp agreed on a protection time of 8UTC to 16UTC. Wreck Camp has chosen 0UTC to 8UTC. This will leave an 8 hour fighting window between the camps.

SOH has chosen the northern zone on the map where we are the most comfortable from previous events, and we will be directly fighting against UKR. While TVK and RoP will take the southern zone against HtH and LAC.

All the alliances have been working hard building towers and taking residences and lairs to gain buffs for their respective camps. SOH has made a lot of progress so far. Earlier today we took the Wonder and a few residences.

This is the progress of the map so far for
TVK, RoP, UKR, HtH, and LAC:

There is still a long way to go, but over the next week, we will see how the map starts to progress and come up with a plan for Stone Camp. The initial plan for SOH will be to build towards the tunnels leading to the Area 51 northern zone and save as much clay as we can to race to the Nothern Wonder while taking as many buildings we can along the way. The strategy will be the same in the south for TVK and RoP. All the alliances will be watching to anticipate the enemy’s moves and we will use the tower transfers when needed.

So, far the alliances seem to have excellent communication and respect for each other. We will all be working closely together this event with strategies and supporting each other in the battles. There is a long event ahead, but we believe that we have a great chance of winning. SOH is glad to have TVK and RoP as allies for this Barren Land.

More updates to come…


It is the second week on Barren Land, and war has started to break out all across the map. The gates to the northern and southern clash zones have opened and all the alliances have started to build towards the wonders.

SOH has routed a path straight towards the northern wonder, and we have taken a few buildings along the way to help in the fight to come. UKR has made significant progress overnight while we have been in protection, and we will now be building straight into the lion’s mouth.

There have already been long range attacks between both the alliances, and we fully anticipate a full blown war to come in the next few hours. SOH has been readying our members, and planning the best route to break through UKR lines to the nothern wonder.

Meanwhile, in the southern clash, our allies TVK and RoP have built to the southern wonder and will already go into their second day of fighting against HtH and LAC. They have fought vigilantly against the enemy, and will continue to push towards the wonder by going after enemy towers.

There is still a long event to go and many more battles to come, but we still feel like we have a good chance to win! The communication between SOH, TVK, and RoP has been amazing so far. All the allied alliances have started to build to each others zones in case we need to enter and help each other at any time. So far, it seems that it will be SOH against UKR in the north, and TVK and RoP against HtH and LAC in the south. We will be monitoring the enemy’s movements and adjust our plans accordingly.

More updates to come…


The third week on Barren Land has been very eventful and full of war! It started with a huge battle in the south near the wonder. Our allies TVK and RoP were able to dominate and push HtH and LAC back to secure the south. They fought ferociously and were able to hold the zone from the enemy camp.

Meanwhile, in the north, SOH battled a tireless enemy in UKR. After days of battle, UKR put up a good fight, outnumbering us in every battle and building a wall blocking the wonder and the east side of Area 51. After securing the south, TVK started to build in the north to come and assist us in our endless battle against UKR. Meanwhile, HtH also started building into the north to try and help UKR.

TVK and RoP allowed SOH to take some buffs in the south to help with the fight in the north. Once TVK reached SOH, we gave a full push against UKR to take back the Wonder and surround it before HtH could reach. Together, both alliances were able to hold the Area 51 wonder for a couple of days so far while fighting off both enemy alliances. Both TVK and SOH fought very hard to hold what we had. The battle for the north will be endless, and we fully expect the enemy to keep trying; especially with the first round coming to a close.

RoP has been keeping an eye on the south while SOH and TVK have been handling the north. Stone Camp now holds the lead with 3 wonders in the open areas, and a 20 million champion point lead over Wreck Camp. Fighting in the north has given our camp an advantage to catch up in much needed champion points. The war in the north has helped us to close a 5 million point deficit, and has now given us a substantial lead.

The objective in the coming days is to hold what we have until the first round ends, and keep pushing the enemy back. As long as we can hold both wonders, the better chance Stone Camp has to win the event. We will also be planning for the coming entry into the northern area to take the last open wonder. There is still a long war to come, but SOH, TVK, and RoP are doing an amazing job so far!

More updates to come!..


This week the tunnels opened to the Northern clash area and all the alliances were prepared for battle. The first day, all the alliances built as much as they could, and everyone converged near the wonder. TVK built from the middle down and started to surround the wonder from the back. RoP built from the top of the zone and worked their way down. SOH built around the front of the wonder from the bottom tunnel.

The first few hours were chaotic with SOH being hit by all three enemy alliances at once until TVK and RoP could reach for backup. The battle was intense, but our advantage was that we were in a small area in front of the wonder, and only one alliance could attack at a time. HtH hit from the top, LAC from the middle, and UKR from the bottom. SOH lost some towers, but we were able to hold the one that counted to keep the enemies at bay. Meanwhile, towers were demolished from behind to make room for TVK to come support us with UKR, and RoP came from the north to take away HtH’s attention.

All three alliances worked very well together and were able to push all three enemy alliances away from the wonder. This continued for the next few days. SOH worked on eliminating LAC from the zone while TVK and RoP worked on clearing out UKR and HtH. Now the objective is to finish the job and completely eradicate the enemies from the zone. SOH was able to take the Northern Wonder last night.

While the battles are still intense, SOH, TVK, and RoP have shown they can work very well together and we like our chances of winning the event. In the coming days the tree zone will open and all three alliances are preparing. The strategy for this zone will be for SOH to build straight across to block the enemy tunnels while TVK goes towards the tree to gain buffs and free teleportation. RoP has a longer journey coming from the top of the map, but will race and gain buffs along the way.

SOH feels very privileged and honored to work TVK and RoP this event. Both the other alliances have been amazing with communication and strategy preparation. While the event is still far from over, we feel like our camp is heading in the right direction to secure the win. We now hold all three open wonders between the alliances in our camp and have a significant lead in champion points. Now the focus will be in the last area of the map.

More updates to come…


This week my camp finished eliminating LAC and HtH from the Northern Clash Zone, while keeping UKR in a very small space at the bottom of the map where they posed no threat. That was the objective before the Tree area opened, and SOH, TVK, and RoP did a great job of clearing out the enemy. With this, Stone Camp assured our holding of all the open wonders on the map, with the exception of the enemy Clash Zone.

This week the Tree Zone also opened, and it was off to the races with our camp having the advantage of protection times. With the enemy locked out just after reset, we were able to build into the Tree Zone without worries of needing to fight or change paths. We had an 8 hour head start before the enemy could even take the tunnels into the zone.

The plan was to have SOH build straight across the map from the tunnels on the left side to the enemy tunnels on the right and to cover the entire area so they would not be able to build during our protection time. TVK took a slightly more northern path to secure some more buffs for the camp, gain free teleportation, and secure easy access to the tree in the worst case, before moving back down to assist SOH. RoP had the longest route. Coming from the top tunnels was a two day build, and they would make sure that the enemy camp had no way of going north to the tree.

Once protection opened, UKR, HtH, and LAC all attacked at once, with SOH holding the tunnels against all three enemy alliances. Our objective was simple; hold the gates to the last ant until TVK could arrive to assist. The only advantage we had was the enemy camp’s long march times across the tunnel areas. After a hard, long battle, TVK arrived from the North with minimal enemy towers in the Tree zone. TVK fought and pushed the enemy back out. Only UKR was able to break through and use the ferry access to try to run into the area to the south.

With both LAC and HtH eliminated from the area, SOH’s and TVK’s attention turned to UKR who overnight had built a stronghold in the area south of the first ferry. With both alliances attacking and eliminating UKR towers the following day, the enemy didn’t last long in the Tree zone. By the time RoP reached the southeast tunnels, all three enemy alliances had been taken out. TVK worked to close the enemy tunnels, and the war for the Tree Clash was won.

SOH, TVK, and RoP have now surrounded the tree and will have a lottery at reset tonight. All three alliances have tried to give equal ground for the tree battle after reset. We have all agreed that the fair thing to do is have all three allies attack the tree at the same time with the last hit taking it.

The event is not over; however, with Stone Camp holding all the open wonders and now having completely surrounded the tree with no enemy in the zone, the event seems to be won. In the coming days, we will be farming champion points, kills, and making sure our wonders are secure from Wreck Camp.

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with TVK and RoP this event, and SOH feels privileged to have been paired with such great allies. The communication and strategy between all three alliances has been amazing, and we will continue to build our relationships even after the event has ended. I would also like to give a special thank you to Achillies, the R5 of TVK, for doing such a great job as the R6 for our camp. He was an outstanding camp leader, and we couldn’t have picked a better person. Stone Camp dominated this event!

Another update to come…


This is the best BL event I’ve been on. The communication among our camp leaders shoes how well the planning went as the results are truly marvellous. I’ve made memories for a life time in the passing weeks! My gratitude and thanks for the leadership and everyone whom helped and fought to the last ant. You guys are the best!


:fire::fire::fire: best camp :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:


It’s been an absolute pleasure working alongside SOH and TVK this season, too! Sending big love from all of us here at RoP :black_heart:


What a journey!. Thanks TVK and RoP for this amazing BL.

And special thanks to Blitz cuz im reading your blog and once again I felt the emotion of the battles we fought :star_struck:. As we usually say in our alliance Viva SOH!… and now Viva TVK&RoP too! :metal:t3::fire:


Nice made and done,thank you for sharing


I’m so glad you took notes for everything. I can come here to go through the memories. Thank you Blitz! I’ve never thought I’ll actually get close to that tree, considering the sad previous events. But now I look at this and think that there might not be such a perfect event as this one. All three alliances worked so well coordinated, helped and encouraged each other. I pray I’m wrong ha ha!

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I’m glad that you were with us to experience this win, Nabi. We couldn’t have asked for better allies for this event. The teamwork and cooperation we had is something that we will all remember for a long time. The relationships we built over these past weeks will continue even after Barren Land ends. I’m very grateful and honored that I was given the opportunity to lead SOH in this victory, and I hope that we can continue our success in our future endeavors.


Barren Land is coming to a close. The competition period has ended, and SOH is waiting to get back to the home server. This event has been amazing, and the cooperation between the Stone Camp allies has been the best experience we’ve had in an event. SOH, TVK, and RoP have accomplished many feats this event and are proud to have the win under our belt.

To start the week, we had a lottery for the tree where all 3 alliances attacked at once, with the last hit claiming it. SOH had the honor of holding the tree at the end. There hasn’t been much activity this week, as far as battles. The enemy alliances have given up, and now it’s just a waiting period for the event to end.

Stone Camp dominated this event, and took all the open wonders in the clash zones and tree. We also have the top 3 spots for alliance influence, as well as a significant lead in competition points.

All the alliances are happy with the results of our hard work and waiting to get our rewards. SOH had such a good experience in this event, and have come very close with TVK. The relationship that we built between SOH and TVK will live on long after the event has ended. SOH has been invited to move to a new home on server 566 by TVK.

Once we get back to the original server, SOH will begin planning a complete alliance migration from 590 to 566. We are confident that we can be a huge contributor to SvS on the new server. We are excited to have familiar neighbors and a fresh start to begin the next chapter of SOH.

We will begin by removing the non-contributors from the alliance and preparing a list of members that will be moving with us. In total, there will be around 70 members moving to the new server. This is no easy task, but with the help of TVK and other alliances on 566, the process should go smoothly. Once we have enough members moved, SOH can open our own CVC and bring in the remaining members and new recruits.

Once SOH is fully moved to the new server, we will begin to recruit and prepare for the new Vast Jungle event. Everyone is excited to try the new event, especially coming off such a huge win. We will have a new home server, amazing new neighbors, and a revamped SOH by the start of the next event. We appreciate the invitation, and hope to have a great working relationship with TVK for many years to come…

Long live SOH!


This was one of the best Teamwork, I’ve seen great job on the article and thanks for a great Barren land I Enjoyed it :hugs: