S590, SOH, Blitzkrieg - Barren Land Preparation


After winning the previous event, all our members are enjoying the rewards and limited time hill skins. I was able to hatch two season ants through the Dominated Season hatch:

SOH is now back the original server after a very crazy last event. We are starting to prepare to go back to Barren Land, but we have decided to skip the first calling and go to the second instead.

We have now gone into a recruitment mode for the next event. Some members have gone on to seek new adventures, while new members have started to come in. SOH will try to bring in some new, strong players to help win the next Barren Land. We will be waiting to give us time to recruit players with similar values that will fit in with the culture of SOH.

As always, we will be farming healing speed ups and gaining much needed resources. We want to be fully prepared for whatever the next event brings our way. We will be hoping for reliable, friendly allies when the pairing finally starts.

There are still a few more weeks before we will leave to go back to Barren Land. We will make the most out of being on the original server. This will include splitting into 2 alliances to have friendly battles for the tree, as well as taking advantage of the 2 purge days we have on 590. Even though we won our last Barren Land, it was very stressful for many members, including leadership. Everyone will enjoy the small break as we rebuild, recruit, and prepare for the next event.



SOH is still on the original server until the next Barren Land calling. As I mentioned before, we decided to take some time to recruit and prepare to be ready when the next event starts.

We have a lot of returning members that have come home, as well as a lot of new recruits that have joined the SOH family. There is a lot of excitement to see what we can do in the next Barren Land event.

As it stands now, we have 77 members. However, there will be a few more players leaving and new arrivals in the coming days.

We will continue to farm healing speedups during our War of Kings events, as well as gaining much needed resources to bring with us. There are still a few more weeks to go, but we will be ready when the next call opens.

More updates to come…