Reveal of the Barren Land (Part 14): Fortress Destruction

The previous introduction of Wonders may have left you with a question: Why does each Wonder have a “destroyed” form?

A brand-new “Wonder Destruction” feature has been introduced to the Barren Land. When specific Milestone ends, alliance R5 can decide whether to destroy specific Wonders that are occupied by the alliance (Tree of Abundance cannot be destroyed).

The effects of destroying a Wonder:

  1. After occupying a Wonder, certain buffs will be provided to the alliance and its camp. However, if it is destroyed, the buffs provided by the wonder will disappear.
  2. After destroying a wonder, it cannot be attacked or garrisoned again, but its ownership remains unchanged. This means that those who own the Wonder can still teleport to its location.
  3. When a Wonder is destroyed by an alliance, the respective camp will get Wonder Points. When the Competition Period ends, the camp with more Wonder Pointswill emerge victorious. If the Wonder Points are tied, victory or defeat will be decided based on the Camp’s Champion Points.
  4. The area of the wonder that allows you to teleport to will become the subarea where the wonder is located.

However, destroying Wonders is not the only way to get Wonder Points. When the Season settles, the undestroyed Wonders that are occupaied by respective camp will provide additional Wonder Points. Thus, deciding whether to occupy and immediately destroy a Wonder or to keep it until the Season settles will be a test of one’s wisdom. And what will be your choice?

Leave your idea and Game ID in the comments under the post. The mysterious rewards will be sent via Mail within 7 workdays after the event ends (April 8, 23:59:59, UTC+0).


ID : 4768685
Idea: I guess it’s better to destroy the wonder fast as possible so the camp get the buff to occupy enemies wonders and make sure of the victory.

ID: 13618962
I would try to keep the wonder until the end as buffs will be gone when destroyed. We may need that extra buff to fight for the tree.


ID: 26413440

O melhor é manter a maravilha até o último dia, para garantir os buffs. Apenas no último momento, poderá destruir para ganhar os pontos de maravilha.

ID: 51793614

passing by this page. I hope the events can be spread out. Sometimes it was quite overwhelming to finish many events at the same time.