[Record Post] S620 LGN | B:11

Wanna bet again? This time the one who looses really get r0!

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LGN Captures Home Wonder!


All home wonders have been captured!

Barren lands home wonders have all officially been captured! Every alliance in the deserted waste lands seem to be making consistent progress. The image to the left shows the over all progress of each alliance so far!

Land of Clash - Crimson Desert and Purple Plateau will open in 7 days!


Double nailed it!

Good job reporter Guppy! Well observed!


6:37? A record?

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↜Honey Badger is here!↝

Looking back at the old days of the first Lost Island, I’m thankful for the zero stamina Honey Badger. Being able to run through all the Honey Badgers early on and still being able to have the stamina to do all of the dailies is one of the best things the developers have added to the game!

So lets take a look at what is coming at reset tonight!


Campsites will be opening at reset! These camps allow for allies to build off of the fortress. Having these fortresses in Barren Lands allows for new strategies to develop and makes traversing much easier and more cost affective.

Campsites are spread across the map and create ease of access to the north and south environmental zones. All of the campsites locations can be found here:

Wreck Camp


1. X: 491 Y:533
2. X: 244 Y: 566


1. X: 599 Y: 985


1. X: 850 Y: 1301
2. X: 752 Y:1252

Stone Camp


1. X: 700 Y: 316
2. X: 550 Y: 137


X: 994 Y: 713


1. X: 1218 Y: 914
2. X: 1268 Y: 954


Buthacus doing a moonwalk! HeeeHeeeee!


This is the way.


It’s like I’m actually there with you :sparkling_heart:


Oh Man! What a week so far!

North Environmental Zone/Southern Environmental Zone

(Crimson Desert)/(Purple Plateau)

Up in the Northern Environmental Zone, Wreck Camp’s VMS has touched the wonder but hasn’t quite taken it yet, they also had brief scuffle with TED, however that seems to be at a stand still for the moment!

Meanwhile, LGN and JAX have started to move north. But, the real fun has been in the Southern environmental Zone!

The fight has broken out in the Southern Environmental Zone! Wreck Camp is slowly being pushed out of South! But not without a fight! This explosive battle has been wild! There’s been laughter! Blood shed! Tears! Excitement! and Battle Cries from both the Wreck Camp and the Stone Camp!

Lets take a look at where the standings are so far!

Wonder and Champion Points

Top 5 Champion points!

• 1. (JAX)Rimuru - 5,906,268
• 2. (JAX)⁑ kz ⁑ - 5,487,563
• 3. (SKY)Silverstone - 4,216,304
• 4. (VMS)貓貓想睡覺 - 3,571,712
• 5. (AOH)☆凱蒂☆ - 3,381,186


Top 5 Kills!

• 1. (VMS)貓貓想睡覺 - 1,024,568,064
• 2. (SKY)Silverstone - 970,111,761
• 3. (JAX)Rimuru - 923,896,888
• 4. (JAX)⁑ kz ⁑ - 677,686,328
• 5. (AOH)☆凱蒂☆ - 659,327,268

============Clash Opened============


A very cool aspect of Barren Lands is the ability to now transfer towers in Initial Zones! Check it out!

The process is pretty simple, once the milestone Deeper Exploration has been reached, tower transfers can take place! Tower transfers can only be done in the Initial Zone.

Once the tower has been set to transfer to one of the allied alliances a mail will be sent out and a message from the fairy can be seen in Season Chat, therefor whenever a tower is transferred it is made known to all alliances on Barren Lands. The alliance that has been given the tower, must first accept the transfer before the process can begin.

After accepting the transfer, the process will take 24 hours to go through! In the mean time an icon can be seen on the mini-map as long as Territory Range is turned on. Once tower transfer is complete, the alliance that accepted the transfer will then be the owners of that specific tower!

Pretty cool right?!


The fight has only just begun!


Fight! Fight! Fight!
I wonder who will win the first stage of the champion points?

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This is the way

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Wreck Camp Wins Stage 1!

North Clash is open!

North Clash is open and the chaos is about to begin! Get ready for intense battles, pain, suffering, excitement, victories and long sleepless nights!

This is the moment everyone has been waiting for! The biggest fights in Barren Lands are starting to take place! Here is the excitement so lets take a look!


In the north side JAX and VMS are in dramatic battle with SKY! The ants are flying and the lack of sleep is showing!

Meanwhile a little further down south JAX and VMS are in a double battle with AOH while LGN are coming around to hit AOH from the back!

It seems like Stone Camp is currently in control of the North Clash. But things can change at any moment! The whales are roaming around in pods on this Barren Lands! So far the intense battles only seem to be getting bigger and bigger! Who will take control of the North clash?


Whale Island - The wallet war!

It really interrupts the most important part of the game though, all this fighting…


Things have been wild this week! Lets take a look at how things have gone so far!

Wreck Camp has been pushed out of the North Clash after hours of long fights and a huge lack of sleep! This truly is the battle of whales on this Barren Lands!

Stone Camp secured the Prickly Colossus! Pulling Stone Camp into the lead as far as Wonder Points! The future is looking rough for Wreck Camp! Can they pull ahead?

Stage two has come to a close!

Stone Camp has won Stage Two!

There are some absolute monsters in this event! A big shout out to AOH! There hasn’t been a single fight where they haven’t shown up to a fight with less than 50-60 active members! Their Alliance is an absolute unit! Awesome job to them! So far they have been the superstars of this Barren Lands!

Land Of Abundance has opened!

Land of Abundance has officially opened for the last stand between Stone Camp and Wreck Camp! Who will be victorious in this Barren Land of Whales! The final battles start now!

One Last thing before the post this week ends!..


Only 9 days left…

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Woah how will this end? Happy Halloween!

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Barren Lands is coming to an end!


Stone Camps SKY has successfully claimed first occupancy on the tree!

With Barren Lands coming to an end, the fighting has slowed down to a few skirmishes here and there, but ultimately are coming to a close. Stone Camp has taken over the Land of Abundance and has almost completely removed Wreck Camp!

This truly has been an exciting to observe! There’s been excitement, chaos, fun, laughter, comradery and lots of explosive battles!

I want to take a moment to recognize all of the alliances on this Barren Lands. Awesome job to all of you! Thank you all for making this such an awesome Barren Lands to observe!

Next week…
Announcement of the Victors!


What? No dwama? :smiling_imp:
Looking forward to the return of the leadership series updates…


Ice cweam lonely without dwama :pensive:


The Winners have been decided!

Congratulations Stone Camp!

This has been an incredible event! A huge shout out to all alliances involved! (TED) (SKY) (AOH) (LGN) (JAX) (VMS).
Good luck to everyone in their future events and adventures!

On to a new adventure!