[Record Post] S590, SOH, Blitzkrieg


This was the first week back on the original server, so we decided to have some fun. The last Barren Land did not go as we expected, and everyone needed a break to start focusing on the next event.

We broke into a few separate alliances to have a friendly battle for the tree. SOH and TNT were the main two alliances that battled each other to gain control.

After having some fun with the tree, the two alliances worked on opening the cross server convocations to bring in new recruits for the next event, as well as farms for our members that were still on other servers. We will continue to bring in new members for the next event over the next week.

As usual, our focus over the next week in preparation for the next Barren Land will be to gain some new, powerful members, adjust ranks in our alliance, collect much needed resources and healing speedups, and continue to make an initial plan for our first couple weeks in the event.

The problem we had in the last event was with our allies and a disagreement on the protection time that was chosen. We are hoping that this time around we will be able to have a better match with alliances that have a similar active time. We also hope that the matchmaking will give us equally powered alliances, as one of the enemy alliances it paired last time was very overpowered and should not have been in our Barren Land event.

We are looking forward to the next event with high expectations for a rebuffed SOH. We know that we have a strong bond between all of our members, and they trust and listen to leadership very well. We hope that going forward, we can duplicate the success we had on our first Barren Land event. Now, it is just a waiting game to see who our allies and enemies will be once the matchmaking is completed. Until then, we will continue our efforts to prepare for the event and welcome the new and returning members, as well as setting the expectations we will need to be successful.

More updates to come…

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This week was all about recruiting and bringing new members to the alliance for the next event. We have some new faces in SOH, and some members that went on to find new paths. We brought back some former members that were with us on past events, and we are hoping to replicate the success we had on our first Barren Land. We are now going into the event with 85 members.

Everyone has been farming for much needed resources, as we anticipate the weeks of war to come. Many members ran out of resources during the last event from fighting and doing warzone tasks like evos. We hope to be full by the time we leave, so that we won’t have this problem in the future.

It is now into the matchmaking period, and we hope that we will be paried with strong allies with similar active times. The main problem we had last event was that there was a disagreement between the alliances on the protection time. We are hoping that this time around we will be able to agree on a protection time that is suitable for all three alliances in our faction.

We are also hoping that we are paired with an enemy alliance that has all three alliances with a similar power level as ours. In the last event, there was one alliance that was too overpowered for any alliance to handle. If all the paired alliances have a similar power level, we feel that we will have a good chance at winning the event.

There are 6 more days before we leave the server and get back onto Barren Land. We will continue to collect resources, adjust our ranks, and come up with an initial plan to start the event. We will also be working closely with our allies to choose the best starting positions, and choosing the best protection time for all the alliances. We will be impatiently waiting to see what allies and enemies we will be matched with this time.

Everybody in SOH is ready for another long event, and we believe we have a good chance if the matchmaking goes in our favor. SOH is full of fighters that never give up, even against near impossible odds. One thing is for sure, we will be ready when that timer hits zero!

More updates to come…