[Record Post] S487-VIR - Karma - VIR Progression, Lost Island S2

Observer’s Information

In-Game Name: Karma
Alliance: ViralAgency (VIR)
Personal Observer Goal: Keeping the Community updated on the progression of VIR for Lost Island Season 2.

Observer’s Journal - Table of Contents

  1. 08/12/22 - [The Beginning] - Hi!

  2. 08/13/22 - [Intro] - Introduction

  3. 08/14/22 - Alliance Expedition- Rain Forrest

  4. 08/15/22 Polistes Dominula - Bee

  5. 08/16/22 CSC - Cross Server Convocation

  6. 08/20/22-What to Bring to the Island - Packing

  7. 08/22/22 Saving Resources - Blocking Areas

  8. 08/23/22 Devil Flower - The Mantis

  9. 08/25/22 Wonders- What’s New at the Island

  10. 08/29/22 Presets

  11. 08/31/22 Insect Habitat Upgrade

  12. 09/11/22 How to find an Alliance

The Lost Island Season 2 Chronicles

  1. 10/03/22 Day 1 Lost Island S2

  2. 10/04/22 Day 2 Lost island S2

  3. 10/05/22 Day 3 Lost Island S2

  4. 10/09/22 Work Hard, Play Hard

  5. 10/22/22 Hornet Invasion

10/22/22 Whonder’ what VIR Will Take next?

10/22/22 Betrayal Stinks

11/06/22 Level 20 Hornets?

11/06/22 Honor and How To Get It

11/14/22 Packing Up

Group 000 Information

Name   Abbr Server Leader Members Power
ViralAgency   VIR 487 Yumi 000 000


As VIR gears up for Lost Island 2 the alliance is buzzing with activity. Though we won last seasons Lost Island event, we did struggle due to inactivity. Leader Yumi, has been busy help veteran players from ON3 alliance to migrate to join us for this season’s Lost Island event. We have some real powerhouses in our alliance and the players from ON3 are among them.
While we wait for server 487 to get into Lost Island, the alliance is busy gathering resources, raiding and leveling their ant hills for maximum production. They are also getting their insects’ talent points in order.
Speaking of resources, the 8/15/22 maintenance will cause all of the Hornet chests in you inventory to expire and turn into Diamonds. Use those chests folks!
This is Karma, your Observer from VIR (Viral Agency)-487 keeping you up to date on alliance activity. More to come!
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Alliance Expedition-Rain Forrest

ViralAgency (VIR) brings home another Alliance Expedition WIN! Under Yumi’s direction we had our hard hitters attacking others from BeautifulAntholes (ASS) while others were feverishly gathering for points.

It was a close win with VIR Power at 2,345,796,096 and ASS power at 2,269,507,328.
Check out the screenshot below for more details!


Polistes Dominula

As ViralAgency (VIR) gears up for Lost Island-Season 2, the popular question is, “What insect will be of the most benefit to the players?” Many would agree that the answer is the Polistes Dominula. While the Alliance is ‘buzzing’ with activity some have procured the coveted Polistes Dominula.

When asked, VIR Leader Yumi, Had this to say, “The stats on the Bee are generally better than any insect.”

He further told me his reasoning for this opinion was that for Groundhogs and Pangolin, the bee is a universal insect with the best attack/damage skills. He also mentioned, “The Piercing Effect applies for any situation in PvP unlike the others like the Scorpion (for example) who’s effect is only useful for the ants that have the control effect.”

See the below Talent Tree for a look at just how talented and powerful this beautiful creature can ‘bee’ with a little tender loving care!

Thanks for the input, Yumi!


Cross Server Convocation

This is Karma with a much anticipated update on ViralAgency preparations for Lost Island Season 2.

While the Veteran alliance members are busy farming, gathering, and raiding, our Alliance Leader, Yumi, is busy combing through cross server applications on the front. We have 30 spots to fill and he has filled most of them! While he would not comment on the power of the hills that will join us at the Island, he DID say that they were all very active and very helpful applicants.

Great job, Yumi! Active and helpful; are the two most important qualities in any level player.

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What to bring to the Island?

Many ViralAgency members have been discussing what they will need on the Island this season. Well, I thought a list might be helpful so I asked a few Veteran players that were with us at last season’s Lost Island and this is what they said to bring:

Stock up on backpack or Bagged resources. You can never have too many resources!
The other thing they advised was teleports! These are a must have at the beginning when you first land. Teleports will become free later on as the Alliance progresses and gains more territory but in the beginning these will be priceless. Attack, Defense and Gathering buffs. They advised Attack and Gathering more than Defense, but who doesn’t want a little extra defense?


Saving Resources

Many newer players have recently asked me, “Karma, I notice that you have some buildings in your anthill closed off. Why Is that?” The simple answer is resources.

If you close off building that you don’t always use like the Cocoon Medium and the Worker Ant Nests, you will save resources at the feeding ground. Once you have your population registered to complete the Queen upgrade etc, you can simply choose to close these buildings off. In doing so, you won’t be feeding these ants and therefor you won’t need to fill your Feeding Ground as often. This is a great way to save resources for the Lost Island event as well.

Happy Gaming all and as always, thanks for the questions!!


Devil Flower

Recently a friend of mine, who knows I run three squads of shooters on all four marches, ask me what the best insect would be to compliment the Shooter Ant. Without hesitation I pulled out my Pro Rally Unit And showed him my beloved Devil Flower.

I explained to my friend that the stats and talents on this lovely creature are geared towards improving the Shooter Ants skills. I went on to explain that this ‘tricky Devil’, when leveled properly would give my Ants a bonus to my Attack, Defense, Health, March Speed and “oh Boy does he attack quickly”. He seems to just get to his target and he has already demolished it and is ‘Strutting’ back home.

When my friend asked about his talents, I very excitedly showed him my Talent Tree and explained that by utilizing special Inset materials I could use my Talent Points to making my Insect the best at Attack, Defense or Health depending on my gaming style.

I told him that at the moment I have my Talent Points evenly allocated but when it comes time for Lost Island Season 2, I would be able to reallocate my points to Attack to get that little (of lot) extra push towards the win.

The Devil Flower is a Must have for anyone who wants to boldly Strut their stuff! My friend will definitely be purchasing this little Devil next time it come available.

Glad I could Help!!!



A few people have been messaging me asking, “What happened to the Wonders in Lost Island Season 2.” There was a discussion in the VIR chat not long ago which allowed me to answer the question with confidence.

It would seem that in the last Season of the Lost Island event the Wonders were all but impossible to take over. Now, this Season, reports have come in stating that the Wonders are almost too easy.

For more about what has changed in this Season of Lost Island please check out this cool video below by Keychain Gaming.


Squad Saver

The ViralAgency is buzzing with with talk about the new feature added in last night’s maintenance. It is finally here, a way to save several preset march compositions at once.

If your hill level is at least 22, you can now save up to 4 preset marches. Most of the guild has theirs set up for Raiding, Gathering, PvP, and Hunting and with just a click of the screen, you can now choose your preset march for any occasion!!

Great job Ants Team!! From the bottom of this players heart, I say thank you!!

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Well articulated :slight_smile: Keep up the great work .

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Insect Habitat upgrade

If you are as diligent as I am when it comes to hatching insects, then the latest update is for you! You can now see in the insect gallery the insects you own as well as the ones you are developing.

There is also a great new feature that keeps a record of the orange insects you both own and have consumed!

In the tab that allows you to see what you have owned and consumed, just like in the Special Ant Record, you can share and announce your successful hatches! This feature is great for demonstrating to alliance mates and friends when you are having a discussion as well as bradding rights!!


How to find an Alliance

I just got back home from a family reunion. For all who are wondering, travel is still bad… I luckily had the time to play Ants while in route. When I got there, one of my cousins mention they had started playing Ants Underground. He was in a small and inactive Alliance but did not know how to change alliances and it got me wondering, “How many people out there like cousin Tommy don’t know how to change Alliances?” I introduced him to the Discord server and so I made this trusty guide for him. I hope it helps everyone in need of an Alliance.

Finding the Right Alliance For You!

Whether you are new to the game or not, finding an Alliance that fits just right can be overwhelming. With all the different styles of gameplay and all of the different types of events that inspire Alliance cooperation, it is sometimes very hard to see which would be the best fit for you.

Never fear, a helpful ant named Mykie will help!

Let’s start by looking at the map and seeing where to find a nice place to call home.

But uh-oh Mykie! That’s a pretty big place!! Maybe we should work on finding an Alliance where we will fit in? Let’s look at some of the tools at our disposal, shall we?

First we want to see what is out there for us… Go to the Crossed Swords on your main screen where it shows your power.

If you press on those swords, you will be taken to another screen that looks alot like this:

From here you will select the Alliance tab. You will be well on your way Mikie! Why not click the Alliance tab and see where it brings you?

Great Job, Mikie! From this screen you may select an Alliance. Let’s see who is looking for members, shall we?

Oh I see that you chose ViralAgency or ‘vir for’ short. Good choice Mikie! Now all there is left to do is apply. Let me show you how.

First you must select the Apply button on the right side of the Alliance you wish to join.

Once you press that button, a new screen will appear.

Great Job, Mikie. Let’s tell ‘vir’ what kind of player we are by selecting the friendly button. Now we should probably write them a nice message by clicking into the black box.

Now all that there is left to do is wait for our new friends to accept our application.

Great Job, Mikie. You now know how to find and join the right alliance for you!


Day 1 Lost Island S2

We land on the island and make a map of tower placements.
Everyone is enjoying the hornet hunt and the free teleport around the map.
Vacations are GREAT!!


Day 2 List Island S2

VIR is coming in strong with building towers and getting achievements done for all.
We took our first lair and left it open for more people to gain achievement. Going on a rotational calendar for the guild has all time zones covered. We plan on winning this years Lost Island again my friends!



Day 3 Lost Island S2

VIR Leader Yumi, is busy placing towers for all to build. We have a decent part of our territory opened up now. This Observer is going 'Hornet Hunting for the lovely Hornet Chests and resin to level her Queen!


Love it. Love it. Love it. Love it. Love it.


You should add this particular guide to the guides and tips section to! Very helpful for new players hint hint add about newbie teleport to! Hint hint


Fight Hard, Play Hard

VIR Leader Yumi has the Alliance hard at work building about a dozen more towers and taking another Fortress today. His encouraging words have the Alliance rushing to get dailies done and he places the towers as fast as he can to give everyone a chance at building. This Alliance is shaping up more from an Alliance to a real family. Don’t call him Pop though, he says he isn’t ready for that!!

While VIR waits to see what Yumi is planning next, the Alliance is enjoying this Vacation time to fill up on resources and the most popular Hornet supply chests. Yup, the Developers thought of everything here on this Lost Island Paradise, even a place close to home where we can kick back and gather for the evening.

Thanks for this SUPER FUN Event Ants Team!!


Ну да никак иначе это не могло быть

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