[Record Post] S48-God-Josh-Preparation Works Before Registration (Season 2)

Observer’s Information

In-Game Name: Josh

Alliance: God is a girl (God)

Personal Observer Goal: Progressive news on LI and some helpful information

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Group 2 (Season 2.B1) Information

Name   Abbr Server Leader Members Power
Brothers and Sisters   BaS 83 Tyranus 100 7,047,029,359
CENTRE FOR ANTS   WOK 7 Anty 99 6,576,969,467
God is a girl   S16 48 BWSㄨ龍 100 6,895,402,116
Dominators   TnT 36 晚XDYEET宴 97 4,929,787,825
Into The Unknown   TYM 17 talibongx 100 6,333,994,328
Shan Ding Hei Du She   HDS 2 一颗果果Apple 99 12,425,194,597
Always Lativs Fault   ALF 49 HarleyQueen 100 5,645,191,237
No Name Needed   NNN 69 SoulX 99 6,132,000,432

18 July 2022

Today the game brings back the lost island event, soon we can register for participation. Considering that we are going to join the lost island soon, we have made the following preparation works such as the following:

  1. Reduce excessive troop powers
  2. Preparing to invite players from other serves to join us through the cross-server migration
  3. Storing up healing speed-ups and resources

Hence, the above are some of the preparations we are doing currently according to myself. I am sure every other alliances in the game are doing so as well.

#Post 1 Season 2


Keep up the good work

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21 July 2022

What to prepare if you are going to welcome new players into your alliance during the cross-server convocation?

According to past experience, season registration will begin soon when the season preview ends.

What are the date and time of server registration and cross-server convocation?

  • My best guess is 00:00/30 UTC on 25 July 2022 for cross-server convocation opens (Season preview ends).

  • Season registration should take place on 28 July 2022 on 00:00/30 UTC as it was the leaked date for season registration.

Note: Ensure your alliance has sufficient space to invite another alliance/players beforehand, according to my prediction if you do not have enough space you might face errors. To prevent issues like this, it is better to sort them out before the season preview ends.

#Post 2 Season 2

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Update On The Season Cross-Server Convocation On 25 July 2022.

The official date and time were 01:00 UTC for cross-server convocation and 00:00 UTC for lost island registration. Since the registration was released earlier than what I predicted in post #2. It makes sense that 28 July 2022 is the date when the lost island season starts and the registration ends.

#Post 3 Season 2


News for healing season soldiers!

Some of you might have missed out on the latest information about the lost island update! One of the most important updates this time would be able to heal season soldiers with revival fungus. However, do note that these revival fungus kinds of work like the one players use in alliance expedition.

Hence, when you run out of these revival fungi you do need to heal season soldiers again with speed-ups and resources accordingly. (This time round resources spent on healing soldiers will only be returned by 70%, refer to the photos below for more accurate pieces of information)

#Post 4 Season 2


News On Gathering Resource Nodes!

Some of the best new features are the following:

  1. Safe gathering when occupied by rulers
  2. March speed buff to gathering nodes at alliance base.

Hence, rulers do not need to worry about finding or protecting their resource nodes from opponents.

#Post 5 Season 2


The matchmaking Period for Batch 1 Season 2 has started!


The selection of the initial place will be starting on Friday 5 August 2022 at 00:00 UTC most likely by estimation +/- 30 minutes.

Players of Batch 1 will officially begin lost island on 8 August 2022.

#Post 6 Season 2


Batch 2 Lost Island Preview Has Started!

As batch 1 of season 2 (S2-200) has entered the matchmaking period, the next group will proceed to the preview period of the lost island! Next Monday they would be able to register their alliance.

#Post 7 Season 2


Reminders For Players Entering Lost Island

Before you enter Lost Island remember to take a screenshot of your troop camp and before you exist lost island remember to take a screenshot of your dead soldier ants.

This is to prevent any possible bugs and you can contact fairies to help out with proof.

#Post 8 Season 2


Updated Lost Island Participant Rewards compared to Beta Season!

The newly updated participant reward is slightly better than the beta version of participant rewards in my opinion. For example, the developers added a 5-stars orange insect egg.

#Post 9 Season 2

New Participant Reward for LI


Matchmaking Finalized For My Alliance!

Personal opinion: Not a very fair and adequate matchmaking due to the limitation of alliances signing up for batch 1. Developers should bar alliances in batch 1 from waiting to sign up for batch 2 to prevent such issues to be used as an excuse for unfair matchmaking.

How is it unfair to matchmaking for critics?

Simple, take a look at the photo :slight_smile: .

#Post 10 Season 2


Choice Of Initial Area

Below will be the photo of starting point where different alliances had chosen to start with.

The most popular starting area that is gone after a second of the game refresh would be the initial area near the “AREA 51” as it gives an enormous future buff.

#Post 11 Season 2


Upgrading Soldier Ant Colony Level

Players that have previously participated in Season Beta lost island should know that soldier ant colony is the basis of soldier ant outputs for an individual anthill.

There is a new feature that has been introduced into the game that allows players to challenge the “same plot of soldier ant colony” to upgrade it.

(Level 1-7 can upgrade to level 8) (Level 9 can be upgraded to level 10) If the challenge is successful.

Why is this good news?

It will decrease the chance of another player attacking your plot as they will take severe damage to soldiers for attacking other’s plots but take no damage if they re-challenge their own soldier ant colony plot.

(Photo below for reference)

#Post 12 Season 2


New: Gift from Wonders

Season 2 has a new way to gain additional rewards by finding a partner and exchanging wonders possibly at the clash of wonders (LVL 9).

Enormous rewards can be gained from re-occupying the wonder without any limit.

#Post 13 Season 2

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New End Rewards System

In season 1 there used to be mutiple rewards like e.g.|

  1. Occupy Tree of Abundance and 4 others wonders
  2. Occupy Tree of Abundance
  3. Occupy 3 Wonders
  4. Occupy 1 Wonder
  5. None occupied

However, now there is a change in the reward system. Currently, the rewards for occupation are as follows:

  1. Occupy the tree of abundance and 1 lvl.8 wonder
  2. Occupy 1 lvl.8 wonder
  3. Occupy None

#Post 14 Season 2

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First Day In Lost Island!

On 8 August 2022, my competition period have begin with many tasks to complete. The main tasks are by completing the tutorial set-up by the game to earn additional rewards.

The current milestone we are in now will officially end by tomorrow 00:00UTC on 9 August 2022.

(Note: Crimson fragger fragments have to be obtained in a progressive way as compared to last beta season)

#Post 15 Season 2

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Recommendation: What to buy first in the season store for free players?

I would recommend you to purchase and prioritize exotic shells and bio-essence before spending a spree on that enchantment resin. Only recommend purchasing resin on the second week of the island to prevent mishaps of lacking lost island fruits!

#Post 16 Season 2

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Tips for defending your initial place: Are you worried about other’s alliances invading your initial place?

As a new addition for season 2, there are new changes!

Now the game gives players fighting enemies of other alliances in their initial place the crazy amount of additional buff! Refer to the photos for exact details! This will help you a great amount in defending your initial place from intruders. >:)

#Post 17 Season 2

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Observation: First Day Alliances Progress

I have complied with the first-day alliance progress for record purposes :). Seems like every alliance is planning carefully, especially with the limitation of clay to build towers. Looks forward to alliances strategies in building towers.

Purple: HDS
Yellow: BaS
Turquoise: God
Orange: TYM
Pink: WOK
Brown: ALF
Blue: NNN
Light Green: TnT

#Post 16 Season 2

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News Information: Hornets LVL 16&17 is now available in the wild on Day 2!

Lost Island has just released hornets into the map, hunt them now for lost island fruits and hornet resource chest, which normal wild creatures do not provide!

#Post 17 Season 2