[Record Post] S410 WFN, Sizz, We Flex Nutz!(Season2)

Observer’s Journal - Table of Contents

  1. 30/08/2022 - Preview Period
  2. 31/08/2022 - Registration Period
  3. 11/09/2022 - Matchmaking Period
  4. 16/09/2022 - Selection Period
  5. 19/09/2022 - Competiton Period
  6. 02/10/2022 - Settlement Period

Group Information - Group72(Season 2)

Name Abbr Server Leader Members Power
International Team 449 449 号角 100 5,731,182,764
We Flex Nutz WFN 410 XOm4rXPro 100 5,078,993,318
KURTLAR SOFRASI ASK 429 King Panda √ 99 4,360,513,936
Demons DMN 376 Bully 100 5,477,959,196
MATRESHKI MAT 394 MadArt 100 3,934,639,621
Hunter x Hunter HxH 342 深田Melon 100 4,862,618,822
Night Wolves NWS 376 ςђє๒ยгครђкค 98 4,437,301,911
Indonesia Elite Army IEA 449 Arkey NoMercy 100 5,102,374,590

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Cross- Server Convocation

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Final Matchmaking Result

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Selection Period

Race of Champion - Lost Island

#410 (WFN) Yellow - Coral Island

#376 (NWS) Blue - Pearl Island

#429 (ASK) Brown - Turtle Remain Upland

#449 (DMN) Green - Tidal Shell Coast

#449 (449) Purple - Starfish Island

#449 (IEA) Turkish - Fishbone Wilderness

#343 (HxH) Orange - Conch Stronghold

#394 (MAT) Pink King Crab Flatland


Commentary: We were paired up with 2 Indonesian Alliances from the same server #449 and 2 Russian Alliacnces from the same server #376 which we can already assume they are already automatic allies. We are in between both alliances from #449 that makes them our biggest threat.


Sneak Peek
Credit: #410 Revan





Screenshot_20220917-022800_The Ants

Screenshot_20220917-022736_The Ants

Screenshot_20220917-022713_The Ants

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Detective Work
Credit: #410 xOm4rxPro & Graveraven

Top Players Profile (Strong Enemies)

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Season 2 Clay Limit and Alliance Towers

  • 30k of clays limit per day and it resets daily.

  • Can stack up to 60k of clays in alliance storage. Additional clay earned and not used will go to waste.

  • Building tower in initial area requires 2k of clays and outside of initial area requires 4k of clays.

  • Mathematically with 30 k of clays you can build 15 towers in initial area per day and only 7 towers per day outside of initial area.

  • Towers cost 5 stamina to build, garrison or attack.

  • It takes 15 minutes to demolish the built Alliance Tower in initial area and twice as fast to destroy outside of initial area.

  • No Resources will be returned for demolishing the towers.


  1. Big Alliances with active players might lose clays everyday.
  2. Smaller alliaces need to build towers so that they do not waste their clays.
  3. Slows down conquering of buildings especially for alliance that has extra wonder during the first week.
  4. R4s and R5 have to more careful about what buildings (lairs, residence, tunnels, etc) they wanna go to taking the shortest route and if they have enough clay to be able to reach it before the end of the day to gain buffs,
  5. Build the Tower for season achievements. Players need to complete building up Alliiance Tower for 55 times in the end it is impossible to achieve for every players. Taking into account of 100 active players, 7 to 15 towers able to build in a day, Each player can only build 1.5 towers.

Day 1

Alliance Influence Ranking (Season)

Anthill Honor Ranking (Season)

Alliance Initial Base Progress

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Soldier Ants Colony

Occupy the Soldier ants Colony by defeating the stationed troops. It is the basis of soldier ant (SXI) outputs.

Level 1 Ants T5
Level 2 Ants T6
Level 3 AntsT7
Level 4 AntsT8
Level 5 AntsT9
Level 6 Ants T9+ (with decent upgrade)
Level 7 Ants T9++ (Very strong players with good mutation cells, genes, etc)
Level 8 can be upgraded by challenging the same plot of soldier ant colony.

(Level 1-7 can be upgraded to level 8 and level 9 can be upgraded to level 10)

The higher your honour the more soldier ants colony can be taken. Thus the more SXI ants produce in season troop camp.

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How to obtain Season Soldier Ants (SXI)?

  1. Soldier Ants Colony

  2. Enhance Building

  3. Fortress Occupation

  4. Season Achievements

  5. Alliance Reputation Ranking

Day 2
Alliance Influence Ranking

Anthill Honour Ranking

Map Progression

Wonder Occupation

Comments: ASK , 449 and NWS took down thier wonder today. :partying_face:

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Day 3

Alliance Influence Ranking

Anthill Honour Ranking

Map Progression & Structures

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Day 6

Update on Alliance Influence and Anthill Honor

Pink tried to take down the tunnel when the buff is on but failed.

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15 people in our alliance waited 30 minutes for them to start :laughing::laughing::laughing:

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