[Record Post] S410 DSU, Death Squad United, Sizz (Lost Island)

Lost Island here we come!! Our team is getting ready for our next Lost Island adventure and we have some spots left open for active anters who want to be part of our chill goofy team. We are in a great server that works together as one big family.

Matchmaking Result
We have only 6 alliances in this lost island. 5 are chinese alliances.


Alliance Mii 283

• Status: Moderate
• Combo by: F2P and few P2W
• No big whales
• 9 farms
• Asian TimeZone

Strongest Player

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Analysis made with first information (Without exact precision

Kis Alliance 198 (Pink)

• Status: Moderately strong with good R4 few strong R3
• Composed by: Few PW2 many F2P
• Asian Time Zone

Strongest Player


alliance MOW S14

• Status: Moderately Strong Strong R4 Team
• few PW2 many F2P
• 12 Farms
• Time zone: Asian

Strongest Player

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Analysis made with first information (Without exact precision

Aliança AFL S276

• Status: Very weak, strange that most of your strengths are in R3
• Composite few PW2 many F2P
• I counted 17 hills below level 25
• Time zone: Asian

strongest player

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This season in lost island we were matched with 5 other alliance. I was in Chi for last Barren. We said if we ever meet in in lost island we will be friends.

Chi R5 contacted us that Chi and the other 3 Alliance in the north would like to rotate 3 wonders to get the achievement. We agreed to it.

They left Kis out because they thought we want to fight them.

Other than Chi, AFL also contacted us that their end Goal is just to touch the tree.

Kis contacted our R5 and ask what do we think about a non fight island.

It seems like the other 5 Alliances wanted a peaceful island with no fights.

However we DSU do not want to leave island without a fight.

We are lucky this time, being in the orange zone. No alliance selected Teal zone and the yellow zone. Leaving us 2 empty maps on our left.

Once the tunnel 5 towards teal zone opens, we plan to build our territory towards Teal

Plan to find the shortest and cost effective route. We picked the red Path then towards Mid Tunnel . Blue path - lesser towers needed at Teal zone but towers cost more out of initial base 4000 clay per tower and only 2000 clays building at initial base.

Since there are additional maps that are empty, we plan to stretch our territory further and to capture important buildings that can give us good buffs for PVP.


Since there are 2 clash that are close to us we decided to go over to the south left clash. While the South right clash we made a deal with KIS (Pink) that each of our alliance pick 4 areas. Pink can have the first reward of the wonder but we get to hold it. We picked the left side and the wonder area, so we have more advantages in buff.

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Mii Alliance Purple R5 wasn´t impress that we went over to their side of clash without informing them. Us and Purple did not have a pre agreement of clash. We only agree to rotate 3 wonders. Since they were rude to us we decided to fight them instead. Taking their buildings as their nodes.

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After we pushed Mii ( Purple) out near the tunnel to the tree zone, we head towards the clash we shared with Pink and continue taking buildings we picked , continue to buff ourselves up preparing ourselves for fights if there will be any.

We divided the tree zone buildings among 5 Alliances except with Mii


Our mission
At reset we will use 9 towers to reach the tree
Just after that we will use 11 to start " Mii Purple alliance cleanup mission”
Next day we will get 8 towers to continue that mission

Time for mission- 4 days

1 day - reach the tree and clean #1 marked
2nd-4th day - Start cleaning #2 marked
Last 2 days saving clay for north wonder construction
6 days total until tree open
Note ( you can save the clay for 2 days or you can use it right after getting)

The other alliances will be heading towards our 2 clash wonder for rotation of level 9 wonders in order to achieve the season alliance rewards for holding 3 level 9 wonders at once.

We decided not to go for the 3 wonders rewards and concentrate on taking new buildings and buffs

There was also discussion among alliances regarding the tree zone.
AFL, MOW and KIS said they only want to touch the tree.
While Chi said they also want to have a chance to also hold the tree at the end. That left Us and CHI wants to dominate the island at the end.

Dragon Chi R5 said he wants to remain allies and keep it friendly. We can’t be mad at them for wanting tree also. Dragon never told me himself that they didn’t want tree, one of the other R5s said that CHI said tree belongs to Seak so it could have been someone just talking. I think we should definitely not go for the third wonder reward and use those 35 towers to get more buffs and make our score so ridiculous that there is no way anyone can beat our score. Prioritize getting the buffs that will help us overpower CHI and prepare for tree. We also need to decide how we want to fight for tree. Have it be a four hour fight where we only hit tree, or make it where we hit towers and hills also… fight for longer than 4 hours or less… but I honestly believe that whatever we agree on with CHI, they will not betray it.

The only thing we agreed with Dragon about last fight is that it is only going to be us and CHI and we keep it friendly… as in no sh*t talking and we have fun together even if that means an all out war. No details have been discussed yet.