[Record Post] S410 DSU, Death Squad United, Sizz (Barren Land)

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Updates from our allies Velfarre@211 from alliance 11V


Tower Batteries

We build 5 tower batteries before reset.
If we are at 48/48k clay when the tunnel opens, we will miss 8h (16k) clay that day. Because we can’t get any when our storage is full. So by placing 5 towers outside our territory (20k clay). We recover that 16k of missed production. Once protection time is out at 8 utc 4 marked towers need to be placed ASAP to prevent clay overcapping.

We pick to build our batteries at the campsite further away from our initial map. We sent a mail to everyone to not build it also put DO NOT BUILD markers too.



Day 8
Monday 8 UTC we Will build 24 Towers in total. We have been saving our clay and we built Battery TowerSo we can build more when the tunnel opens.

Beside that we captured a residence and lair near our campsite


11V suggested that they will proceed on the red line and asked us to release the yellow ferry.
If necessary 11V will help DSU through the blue line.

However we suggested to them instead of going down that far, can you go this way instead so we are circling enemies from collecting

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Our Camp leader suggested to 11v to head towards orange to help clear them out and DSU will make it to the residence today. Also when these tunnels open, there is four days before we can capture this wonder.


Thanks to the batteries we were able to place a perimeter around the bottom clash wonder before the fight started

In bottom clash we fought 2 vs 1 practically
11v did help us during the fight a lot by zeroing Aqs hills


We also look at which fort gives the best buffs

We divide the buildings at the centre. One of our alliance member did question isn´t it too much we giving to our allies instead of taking it for ourselves. Our R5 did explain that we have the bottom area so it makes it fair for our camp mates and said we can’t be greedy or our mates will stop helping and we will be screwed. Our counsellor added that nik gonna be over flowing with clay first, it is
better if we use blue camp clay fairly to gain most per tower.

There was also a concern on there will be a weak point on the tunnel. However we assure em that we will have the home buff in this share clash area. There will also be a bonus for 15 more days.

We captured the buildings and also clean South Bottom clash corner while we wait for 11V


NIK´s plan at the Top Clash

Velfarre from 11v added that 5 Towers need to be placed each day in order to reach the Top Clash Wonder

Our allies NIK had trouble 1v1 vs KAN. So we went up to north to help.
And while DSU and nik pushed the wonder, 11v grabbed the Carrier health lair and shooter health residence from KAN. But ultimately we got pushed back. However we still managed to walk away with some buffs, but this came at a cost.The day before the Mid Clash tunnel opened we were still defending that residence. And because red team has the advantage there they lost far less revival fungi. Which is why we’ve been struggling with KAN so much.Our revival fungi was depleted, while KAN have more left.


Our Camp Leader plan for the Blue Camp


Our Camp Leader planned for the Blue Camp


We have two different ideas we are looking at…

Take the residence up north that KAN took from 11V - they have been fighting nonstop so they will be run down. They are currently fighting 11V. We would need to break one of KAN’s towers to reach residence.
(More healing but more champ points)

Take the residence from AQS down south. They have been resting since yesterday but they didn’t give much resistance down here before. We would need to break 3 towers to get to residence.
(Less healing but they get more champ points)



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Our enemies get to enter the centre clash zone first after reset 0000 UTC and we after them at 8 UTC
It takes 9 towers for us to connect to wonder capturing the lair and residence along the way. Then we willmove down to secure more fotress. Depending on what our enemies does, we will update the plan if needed.We will be ready to stomp that tunnel at 8UTC.

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We have ask our ally to build straight Down and Come to us Its a slight change of original plan after looking at how our enemies build.
DSU will try to hold KAN where they are and building down to capture more. We will try to advance on the wonder after their protection time.

We asked 11v if they have the clay to be able to make it to the residence?
11V answered they can can reach , but just reach but they can´t fight. It´s sleeping time for 11v.

We each have a building to attack at 8UTC.

DSU will capture the two buildings below us and maybe the third one that’s near the tree tunnel. Each of our teams will just attain as much Buffs as we could, build as much as wecan to have good defense to push together to the wonder. We will all be ready at 8 UTC to PUSH PUSH PUSH!!. We all had an amazing Today.

Nik´s Plan
Nik plans to take this hideout tomorrow, but we can go south while destroying the TBB tower, or we can destroy the AQS tower. The planner went to bed today, so I will attach detailed drawings tomorrow. Please let me know if you have any good ideas.

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Kan is building fast Down.We are not sure how long we DSU will last fighting KAN today. We are drained and can’t get the numbers on. We asked our allies for help to come downwards to help us as we cannot fight KAN alone.Best we can do for now is grab buffs to make our ally as strong as possible and hold our ground till they get close.

Nik agreed to come and help us.

After 4 hours in the Battle Field, we received message from NIK
“Dear DSU, We are about to run out of nik activity. Could someone please attack the aqs anthill directly? Any interference would be appreciated.”

We thanked Nik for their awesome Work.

Nik´s next suggested plan


Nik will take this route to get closer to KAN while destroying TBB and aqs towers. when we attack KAN, all three of us teams need to attack at the same time. We need to be on time and in step with each other to get the timing right.




With the help of our allies with the joint attack we manage to capture KAN´s residence that is next to the wonder. Then we work together to push KAN out.


After our Blue Camp took control of the central Clash, There was 1 KAN´s tower left next to the tunnel in the central Clash. Leader of the camp instructed 11V to destroy the tower. However 11V did not destroy the tower as instructed. Apparently 11v received an invitation from KAN to have a friendly battle near the tunnel. This made our Camp Leader very Angry.