[Record Post] S396 (PHL) Langgam, Sizz (Season2) Batch 8

Group Information - Batch 8 Map 248 Group 248 (Season 2)

|Server|Abbreviation|Alliance|Members|Alliance Power|
|177|WoJ|Winds of Justice|99|7,821,102,754|
|417|PMS|Pizdc Mi Sila|98|5,233,032,056|
|444|PHX|From Ashes We Rise|98|5,836,926,842|
|425|ACE|A Cat Empire|100|6,099,895,122|
|376|NWS|Night Wolves|99|5,922,933,489|

Match Making and Selection Period

It´s time for the selection period. All the R5 will have to pick the map. First come first serve. We were lucky our R5 Impyr was fast enough to pick our first choice - The King Crab Island The Pink Map. It will be my first time playing in this map. So I am pretty excited. Previously i was both time playing in Yellow Map when i was with WFN Alliance. Pink map has the extra clash zone shared with Blue. It is gonna be a pretty busy first week in the island.

During the selection period we also got to see which alliances are going to be our opponents. All our Opponent look pretty strong. WoJ has the most Alliance Power at 7,821,102,754 and PHL and PMS has the least Alliance Power at 5.2 Billion and ouo at 4.2 Billion. However ouo are full of very strong members. There were at least 98 to 100 members for each alliances.

There are some friendly faces seen this time around. NWS were with WFN the last season. Some of previous players from 410 merge with PHX and THA. Some of ASK members joined PMS.

MAP 248

Server Abbreviation Alliance Map Colour
177 WoJ Winds of Justice Fishbone Wilderness Teal
396 PHL Langgam King Crab Flatland Pink
417 PMS Pizdc Mi Sila Pearl Island Blue
444 PHX From Ashes We Rise Tidal Shell Coast Green
329 THA Thailand Starfish Island Purple
425 ACE A Cat Empire Coral Island Yellow
376 NWS Night Wolves Conch Stronghold Orange
304 ouo HappyOuO Turtle Remains Upland Brown

Sneakpeak of Opponents Groundhog Maximum Damage Analysis


Top Player Profile of each Alliance








Analysis Comments: ouo Alliance looks like they are the strongest alliance in the map.

Clash Zone Twin Conchs (Area 51)

Clash Zone has opened in Area 51. PHL captured the wonder first. However PMS ended up comquering the whole area with the help from NWS. Information was leaked about our plan that leads to misunderstanding.

Lost Island SXI Enhanced Ants and Healing Cost

During the time on the island i managed to unlock T10 Carrier Ants. T10s are weaker than lost island SXI ants. However with T10 unlock i am able to enhanced my SXI soldier ants. It requires approximately 2 days 17 hours and 30 minutes for the enhancement. Resources required are 2.2M Meat, 2.8M Leaf, 1.0 Wet Soil, 1.2M Sand and 500.6k Honeydew.

With the SXI enhanced ants unlock i am able to take level 10 nodes easily, Soloing level 40 Geckos and killing Level 20 insects.

** Lost Island SXI and SXI enhance Healing Cost**

A New event appears called Mysterious shadow. Apparently it is the collaboration of Godzilla and the Ants!
We will find more out on December 16th, Ant Meets Godzilla at The Ants! ! ! :heart_eyes:

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