[Record post]S214 GAU lost island batch 8

GAU’s 2nd story begins!
I wonder I can post often because of hard schedule, but I’ll try my best

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Winter is coming, so GAU’s outfit tema became with winter! Might fit well I think

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It’s been a borrrrrrrrring two weeks.
I’m busy for preparing for final exam in university, and also doing some diplomacy role…and also observer😂 Worried about if I fired from observer

As all 8 alliance want to go peacefully; there’s no big crack on this island until now. However, some VIP’s attitude made GAZ and TAK angry, so VIP can’t get out to the clash area🤔

We’re cooperating with GAZ, TYO, WFN etc and aiming for a LAST TREE as that’s a reason why we’re here!!