[Record Post] S177 - WoJ - Uncertainty Island - Sulfras

Observer’s Information

In-Game Name: ʂɒɹʄɿɳʂ
Alliance: Winds of Justice (WoJ)
Server: 177

Observer’s Journal - Table of Contents

  1. Pre-Island Preparation
  2. Matchup Thoughts
  3. Arrival Day
  4. Fortress Protocol
  5. The First Wonder

Our Island

Name Abbr Server Leader Members Power
Winds of Justice WoJ 177 ɑɳʈɪʈɦɛʂɪʂ 81 7,828,553,286
Stonehill Sto 589 Azrael 99 7,888,434,530
LEGION LGN 579 CJH 94 7,287,784,120
SYNDICATE SYN 565 царь 100 5,437,287,866
Kindergarten QOL 473 キュアちゆ 100 5,049,365,730
The Black Company TBC 595 Inter 83 6,906,602,911

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Pre-Island Preparation

This island will be an unusual one for WoJ, because it’s the first time we’ve seriously contemplated hitting the button to leave early. Normally, we’re stubborn to a fault, and will stay in the fight until the bitter end. The introduction of Barren Lands has changed that for us this time around. Before matchup even happened, we were talking about whether we wanted to stay for the whole Island, or leave and sign up for Barren Lands when it’s available.

We didn’t really come to a conclusion on what we’ll do. There’s a general sense of “wait and see,” but no hard lines on what would make us stay or what would make us quit.

Personally, I think we’ll stay until the end. The idea of quitting doesn’t really match who we are, even when it’s for good strategic reasons.

Last Island, we’d had the idea of intentionally taking fewer people with us to improve our match. We’d capped it at 80. This worked out fairly well for us, so we tried it again. We ended up with one more than we’d planned, but it should be close enough.

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Matchup Thoughts

Continuing with the theme of this Island being unlike our previous Islands, this is the first time we’ve been on an Island that wasn’t full. Orange and Teal are both unclaimed.

We’ve never been in brown before, but ending up in a different color wasn’t so surprising. We’ve been in a new place every time we’ve gone to Lost Island.

I can’t help but notice the difference in the age of the servers. We’re the oldest server by far. We’ve been the oldest before (and it wasn’t the advantage we had thought it would be), but not by this margin.

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Arrival Day

Landing on Island on Build Day has always seemed awkward to me. It makes sense from a warzone calendar point of view, but it feels slightly off. It’s the one Warzone day where very few people can participate; most of us finished all possible buildings long ago. In fact, one of the things we like about going to Island is the ability to build again. Which makes landing on Building Day strange; we haven’t had time to get any resin, so it feels like we’re starting out on the wrong foot.

It’s also the most awkward day to manage stamina, timing, and class. Since Gathering Day is the next day, we want to get our gatherers out as soon as possible. But there’s nodes to take, towers to build, and fortresses to capture. There’s also the choice of raider vs. cultivator. I want to be cultivator for gathering, but I’m not quite strong enough to take a level 7 node as a cultivator; I need to be raider. Fortunately, I’ve stockpiled some cell materials, so I should be able to make up any gathering shortfall.

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Fortress Protocol

WoJ’s main goal on group events has always been to get the maximum amount of rewards for the maximum amount of people in the alliance, and that’s been the highest consideration when creating our fortress protocols.

We want people to get rewards for both the soldier kill and the durability phases of the fortresses, but the fortresses are too weak to simply attack and have enough soldiers for everyone; one could hit can clear most of them out. To get around this, WoJ has created a system of having everyone hit with T1s and T2s before sending real marches.

WoJ also has a very large number of languages spoken. With no common language, we needed a system of being able to communicate where we were in the protocol quickly, without using words. To do this, we’ve created a color code system where we change the marker on the fortress as we enter different phases of the attack.

WoJ protocol, as followed by R4s:
WoJ fortress protocol

WoJ protocol, short version for alliance members:


The First Wonder

Being in brown has one nice advantage; the alliance blockhouse is close enough to the wonder that we can take it extremely early on. In our case, we had the wonder shortly after gathering day started.

Brown also has some pretty straighforward paths. Our tower planner was able to map out our expected progress, and leave room for extra towers just in case some annoying nodes pop up right where we want to build.

Tower schedule