[Record Post] S119 - FML - Mê❤Mê❤Crāzy - Challenge of Global members (Season 2 Batch 2)

Observer’s Information

In-Game Name: Mê❤Mê❤Crāzy

Alliance: Full Maniacal Legion (FML)

Personal Observer Goal: Log the good or/and bad of having members from around the world in one alliance for Lost Island

Observer’s Journal - Table of Contents

  1. 08/13/22- [Coordinating all the R4] ([Record Post] S119 - FML - Mê❤Mê❤Crāzy - Challenge of Global members (Season 2 Batch 2) - #5 by MeMeCrazy)

  2. 08/31/22 - [Starting Off Alliance Communication: Part 1] ([Record Post] S119 - FML - Mê❤Mê❤Crāzy - Challenge of Global members (Season 2 Batch 2) - #6 by MeMeCrazy)

Group 32 Information

Name   Abbr Server Leader Members Power
New Dawn   114 114 ᬊᬁᗫᏒΣ₳ᗫ࿐ 59 3885545588
Broken Pathfinders   BPF 152 Darntreefell 66 2550472178
Tits Feet Ass   TFA 119 ♡VigilANTe♡ 70 3426390446
LunANTic Asylum   LuN 124 Punch 59 3441759105
Fight For Us   FOU 110 EL Dios Dr Jones 62 2422269718
korea Ant   TOP 159 레스코드 88 4667011085
Full Maniacal Legion   FML 119 ꧁ʀɛǟքɛʀ꧂ 55 3000739202
Touch Me U Die   TOU 116 Rytz Jr 58 2803475731
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08/13/22 Coordinating all R4’s

To even start the journey to the Lost Island the first thing that an alliance needs is active communication. This log is about the first challenges to get that working in a global alliance.

First thing that must be done is find out who wants to go. We learned our lesson taking everyone to Lost Island for Season 1. Casual players were either stepping up to the challenge or stepped back till the event was over. Being matched by power can be still a bit tricky, because the anthill can be strong but the gamer isn’t on enough to help build or attack. We are an alliance that believes real life comes first so planning must be done so everyone needs are filled.

To do all this planning it takes much communication. In the United States alone we have people living in three different time zones that’s not to mentions those in Europe, Asia, and even Australia time zones. What helps is that leadership is made up of flexible gamers that tend to be up at all times and are able to spread information among other leaders and r4. Both having solid plans and flexibility is key.

We set up roles among all leaders and r4 so that we all know that if there is any questions, especially detailed ones, we know who to go to. There is an understanding as well that we are a team. If there is a question from any alliance member any one in leadership can answer, if they know the answer. If not then they can refer them to the one with that role. It will help quicken the process of helping. This is a fast paced event and the faster the member can get the answers they need the better.

Another hurdle would be the language barrier. 90% of our alliance is English fluent. Even some of those need some extra explaining which isn’t a problem, but some we have to make it a point to do a one on one moments to give them the information in a way they understand and help them with their needs as well. We feel our differences makes us stronger, just have to map out our strengths and our limits.

So far so good :grinning: :wink:

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08/31/22 Starting Off Alliance Communication: Part 1

Communication among all Alliances on the Island:

The day before the Lost Island event started, we at FML created a Discord page for all on the Island to communicate. There are six Text Chatrooms and two Voice Chatrooms: The Lobby, Introductions, Leaders (Leaders Only R4 & R5), General, Memes, NSFW (ants gone wild)

On starting of the Lost Island Event, we spent the first starting hours inviting and registering everyone in. We gave them access to the chatrooms, but also special access to the R4 and R5 to the leader’s chatroom that the others could not enter. Making this was based off an idea that was done on our previous trip to lost island and even well after. We are still talking and connecting.

In total 60 people joined the Discord for the event. Some alliances have a handful of people and others have a dozen or more. The rooms that are for ant business are pretty quiet so far. The ones that meant for fun interaction are active and the alliances enjoy each other’s company. There hasn’t been any negative interaction other than challenging each other here and there.

09/04/22 Starting Off Alliance Communication: Part 2

Communication among FML alliance on the island: In Game

Alliance chat can be helpful for in the moment action, but some depend on it too much. If your alliance has a group that is very talkative the chances of you missing something important are high. Some do (as they call it) “read up”, but it can get very time consuming. In the moment attacks and coordination are prefect in AC.

Mass Message is another in-game form of communication. It does help get the information to every player. It also gives you the ability make a slightly detailed message, but it is limited to the r4s and the r5. That does have its ups and downs, depending on how your alliance is running their leadership and responsibilities. Another issue can be writing too many of them. It can cause members to stop reading them and losing out on important ones. Not to mention members that just don’t read them whether a lot or just one. This can truly hurt the alliance on the island, because there are lot of events and information that needs to be known.

Communication among FML alliance on the island: Off Game

Discord in its many forms is a great tool if at least 75 percent or more of the alliance is able to connect. We use all three forms of discord but mostly text and voice chat. It makes quick communication easy. It also notifies members if anything happens at the moment, not just when they log in. Being that we have people in our alliance from around the world we also put a translator that fixed that issue as well. On the island where things happen on a moment’s notice discord is very necessary to notify about battles and attacks breaking out so that members can shield or fight.

Phone calls/texts are another option which can be very limited if you have people from around the world. Discord since it is internet based you don’t have to worry about international fees and so on, but phone calls can be tricky. It can limit who can call who and in certain cases when they can call as well. This can cause problems because many might feel excluded and not part of the team causing friction. Other than that, it can be a good tool to use as some people’s real life can limit internet use and reading a lot in the chatrooms.