[Record Post] Lost Island - SI1089, S824, Dev


The last days of spring are passing and the hot days of summer are starting. :sunrise:
And my adventure with this change of season has begun.:woman_superhero:t3:
We left our peaceful and kind spring alliance and most of the alliance’s active members migrated to another alliance on server 842. :footprints:
Separation from some friends who did not join us made me sad like a sad spring day.:man_bowing:t3:
I was hesitant to migrate, but I made my decision at the last moment.
I preferred a hot summer sunrise to a sad cloudy day. :star_struck:
I joined my friends to get to know new people and start a new adventure with dear old friends and new friends.🫱🏽‍🫲🏾
Our new alliance is different from all the alliances of my game era. Players from all time zones are present in it.:clock2::clock3::clock6:
The alliance chat is always active.
My new alliance has 94 members, 98% of whom are completely active.:person_cartwheeling:t4:
This brings me good days on the island.


But honestly, I’m a little confused.:hushed:
Remembering everyone’s name is difficult for me, And most importantly, because of the diversity of cultures, I have to consider a little bit of each country’s culture when communicating so that I don’t say anything that hurts anyone.:sunglasses:
But I try to communicate with them and add new friends to my old friends’ circle. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

no matter what the outcome of this period on the island is, I will learn more lessons from life.

During this period, I am an R2 member.
Maybe if I’m a good kid and more active, I’ll be promoted to R3. :grin:
Although this is not important. Teamwork and victory are important.:lying_face:


Our alliance leader is Pᴏᴛᴛs. Later we will get to know him and other members of the alliance more. I intend to change the course of these reports a little in this period and publish members’ opinions about battles, defeats, and victories in short interviews throughout the island. In about three days, the Lost Island event will begin.



Everyone on Lost Island is busy doing weekly events and collecting T11. :smirk:
Everything is calm and there is only Mudskipper, which makes us waste a lot of stamina :woozy_face:. Although we took all the points of the alliance from it on the first day. :thinking:
We are waiting for the opening of tunnel LV6. Given that we don’t have a team in our side field, we’ll probably occupy the starfish habitat, but that’s just my guess and R5 hasn’t announced a decision yet. :crazy_face:
Of course, if I had to decide, I would say that all the wonders should be ours. I feel like there’s a storm coming, depends on what happens when we run into the yellows in the purple zone where no forces are stationed. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
For an R2, everything is mysterious. :kissing:
Especially for me who was traveling during the first week of the island event :taxi: :aerial_tramway: :sailboat: (By the Caspian Sea with cloudy weather between the sea and the forest for a week :palm_tree: :swimming_man:. I really enjoyed it).
I will update more in the next few days :bowing_man:



In the last few days, we have fought with “Mudskipper” 4 times and managed to get all the points of “Mudskipper” with our efforts.
Alliance members are really active and manage their stamina well.
In these few days, our alliance succeeded in occupying the Purple area with the correct management of wonders.
My impression was that the yellow coalition would also try, but they did not enter the purple zone.
Given their move in the green zone, I expected them to fight the orange alliance, but they decided to do it in the easier zone. Immediately after opening the tunnel LV7, we entered the clash area and quickly moved toward Fruit Wonderland.
We fortified it by building towers around it.
The Blue Alliance has entered the region from both of its tunnels.
Brown’s alliance has a tough job ahead of it unless it allies with one of us.
The purple coalition entered the clash region from the south and tried to build the wonder of this region for itself like us. But the situation was not good for them. The Orange Alliance has become a problem for them; I guess it limits them to the same area.


Immediately after the fruit wonderland occupies event started, we occupied it in the early hours of the reset. But the Blue Alliance decided to move towards our castles.
According to the number of our active forces, they realized that it is not the right time for this work.
The fort they started building next to ours fell after 20 minutes.
This was our first encounter with the Blue Alliance.
Although we managed to destroy their castle, my opinion about this period of the Lost Island changed.
I thought that considering the high number of active members of the alliance, we don’t have a difficult task ahead of us. But the style of attacks and the strength of the Blue Alliance forces made it clear to me that we would soon experience tough battles.


Today I experienced one of my biggest fights.
A fight for a tower.
I can say it was mostly a test of the opponent.
We advanced toward the Blue Alliance and faced resistance from the Blue Alliance.
Their online members were divided into two groups, some building a castle towards LV9 tunnels and others starting to fight and resist our advance.
It was hours of fun.
As I expected, the Blue Alliance was powerful and intelligent.
I carefully watched their forces and attacks, they spent their endurance in the best way and chose the right time to attack and defend.

I spent everything I could during this time. I know this was not smart work, but I enjoyed this fight and had prepared many resources for such a day.

:thinking: :kissing: :lying_face:

In the end, they were able to stop our advance. But considering that neither alliance intended to spend all their resources for a castle, it cannot be said that anyone won this battle.
both alliances realized that it might be better to choose a win-win game.
Finally, a ceasefire order was issued and both alliances moved towards LV9 tunnels like two good and peaceful alliances.

**I think our truce was as long as writing this post. I am waiting for the next dream :rofl: **


As I thought, the Blue Alliance does not intend to allow us to enter the tree area.
And this led to our third confrontation with the Blue Alliance. This battle lasted an hour and finally ended with the end of the healing mushroom of our alliance. In this battle, we did not have some of our strong forces, but the Blue Alliance had 10 members of their strongest people. Anyway, this will not be our last confrontation. The images are a good indication of the course and outcome of the battle.


Hello to all our friends Well, to be honest, I never thought we would face any particular problems in this period of the lost island.
But the Blue Alliance showed us in its third battle that it has no intention of opening the way for us.
And I experienced my third confrontation.
For me, this style of play is much more attractive regardless of whether we win or lose.
Being with friends and getting to know new people are the final results of this game that I love.
In short, this battle was, we lost.
Although again the strongest members of the team were absent. But I don’t think it would have made much difference in the result.
The Blue Alliance has at least 10 strong members that I envy every one of them.
And to be honest, I don’t even know what time they sleep. Most of the time, several active and strong members of them are present. with the slightest stimulation, they quickly gather like ants.
But well, we have a second plan too. Crossing the purple region. I am confident that we will turn into a monster in the tree area.
Maybe if the purple area was not open for us to pass, it would have been much harder for the Blue Alliance. Of course, I emphasize maybe.
Remember I said if I’m a good kid I might get a promotion?
I don’t know when this happened, but I wrote my homework well. Now I am an R3 member.
Thanks to all members of the group here for that


In recent days, we have had several more tough fights with the Blue Alliance.
And we never gave up resisting.
We allied with the Orange and Yellow Alliance and entered the tree area from the south.
quickly all three alliances reached the tree.
Now all three alliances are moving toward the Blue Alliance and blocking the blue way to reach the tree.
Sometimes running out of healing mushrooms on the island was annoying for me.
But this time I liked it. Because if the blue healing mushroom didn’t run out, maybe it would have been much battle harder.
In any case, things are calm for now, although there is an attempt to destroy the towers once or twice a day.
But fighting with three alliances is very difficult for the blue alliance.
Although it is not unlikely that the Blue Alliance will reach the tree in time. It’s very close right now.
You’ve heard that they say fight someone stronger than yourself to find the way to victory. I touched on this sentence in this period.
With the experience I had in previous island periods, I came to the conclusion that only diplomacy guarantees your victory.
Having good allies helps you get maximum rewards.
The best way to most rewards is a win-win game.

Screenshot 2023-07-10 065615
Screenshot 2023-07-16 080846

Screenshot 2023-07-16 090449

Screenshot 2023-07-16 080927


The first time it was very hard for me to write, I don’t know exactly where to start and where to put the dot.

We fought very hard with the blue alliance during this time, the brown alliance, which was supposed to be our ally, suddenly changed its approach.
I don’t know exactly what arguments they used to do this. They just needed one more day to get from our area to the tree area and we had smoothed the way for them.
We helped them as much as we could and allowed them to pass through our area, but well, what happened was that they suddenly allied with the blue alliance.
When the Yellow and Orange alliances saw our dangerous situation in the conflict zone, they started helping us.

They completely removed the blue alliance from the tree area and entered our conflict zone.

With the arrival of the orange and blue alliances in the northern conflict zone, things changed. These events took about 7 days.

Now that I am writing this story, the blue alliance is trying to reach the southern conflict zone through the purple alliance area so that it can perhaps enter the tree area with the help of the purple alliance.

Well, we didn’t sit idle and are fully prepared.

We are waiting for them in the southern region along with the orange alliance.
The yellow alliance has also changed its course towards the southern conflict zone and is coming to help us.

In the next few days, we will have many more battles again, I am only sure of one thing the Brown alliance has no chance of winning prizes.

but well, the Purple alliance is strong and their cooperation with the Blue alliance may cause trouble for us but they don’t have much time and given this fact we can’t give them a chance to win in the remaining time.

In this period I learned many new things on the island, well it had been proven to me before that diplomacy and choosing a win-win game with allies is the best way to win prizes but this time I learned that you always have to be careful even be careful of your allies
I not saying you shouldn’t trust but you should trust intelligently.

Now that I am writing this story, our alliance has control of the tree and fighting to take back the “ٌWonder” in the northern conflict zone.

Of course, is not much of a problem anymore, Blue Alliance doesn’t resist much.

The Blue Alliance has focused more on the southern region anyway they will have Purple Alliance alongside them in the southern region and can form a powerful coalition.

Well, we have to see what new stories Blue Alliance and Purple Alliance coalition versus our coalition with Yellow Alliance and Orange Alliance creates for me.

Regardless of the outcome, this period on the island was my most interesting period until today.


Hello to all dear friends.
Well, our adventure in this season of the lost island is over.
In the final battle, the orange alliance managed to capture the tree.
I experienced the peak of excitement in the game during this season.

But my final word for this season is to remember that the game can only be a multiplier of 2 for your score from the real pleasures of life.

The higher the score of real-life pleasure, the game can turn it into a higher score.
Never forget to be together.
Although the important point of this game is that you find new friends who laugh with you and cry with you.
for this reason, I consider a multiplier of 2 for it. Other games that I have experienced can ultimately say that they are a multiplier of 0.1 for the score of real pleasures.
Although to be honest, sometimes this game has acted like an “Absolute value image” for me rather than a multiplier. For which I am grateful to its developers.
I will be silent for the next month. I need rest. I hope after that I can experience enjoyable moments in the game again and share my stories with you.
Through this post, I want to thank everyone who read my posts and all my colleagues who encouraged me and taught me.
Especially from all members of the DEV alliance with whom I spent the most beautiful moments of the game, I am very grateful.
Be steadfast and victorious


Thank you so very much for the interesting and intricate posts of your events.
It was always a pleasure to read along. :heart:

I hope that you can enjoy your free time with your family and friends.
Let us hope that we will see you in the future again and get to participate in your adventures.
Don’t stay a stranger. :blush: