[Record Post] GoC, Server 495, Lost Island Hints - Special Ants to help you(Season1)

Lost Island Hints - special ants to help you

There are several special ants that might help you manage your resource costs and also speed ups for healing when stationed in your anthill.

  1. Healing
    -Crimson Healer (orange)
    Skills 3 and 6 will help with resource costs (only skill 6 includes honeydew), while 2 and 4 will reduce time that troops need to heal
    -Red Head (blue)
    Skill 2 will reduce time that troops need to heal, skill 3 reduces resource costs
  • Red Leafcutter (green)
    Skill 2 reduces time that troops need to heal.
  1. Increase resource production
  • Giant Destructor (orange) Honeydew
  • Yellow Spider (purple) Sand production
  • Red Foot (purple) Plant
  • Green Head (purple) Wet Soil
    Level up skills 2,4,5 and 6.
    When you’re cultivator, collect the free resources from the Resource Factory after activating all skills possible.