[Record Post] GoC, Server 495,Island Log Week 2(Season1)

Week 2 on the island

After participation in fortresses has gone down a lot and we lost about 10 members to inactivity, enthusiasm about the event went downhill.
We slowed down on progress for fortresses, but moved into the unoccupied “area 51”, took a few residences and lairs, but rather half-heartedly.
Important to know is that if you move into a territory that is not your own, you cannot teleport directly into any fortress zone, unless you own a residence in the area. That means longer marching times and fewer spaces at fortresses which should be included in any tactics you prepare.
But alas, through this, we gained the special skill of last minute tower building.

It seems that fortresses in foreign territories are divided into several sections. If the residence of that section is owned by your alliance, you can teleport directly to the entire fortress zones within a residence section once you reach a zone with a tower.

Sunday, groundhog day.
We started the day with a lot of bugs pertaining to groundhogs, one of them being that groundhog rallies were not announced in alliance chat. We still somehow managed to do all groundhogs necessary and keep our humor.

Knowing full well that it could be break it or make it, we decided to try a level 7 lair.

With our war cry “Schniedel im Wind” we started with a team of 25-30 players, less than anticipated.

What can I say? We did it!

34 exciting minutes after the first rally hit, all troops in the lair were dead and we could move onto breaking down the durability.
With a few minutes to spare, we finished the lair and were catapulted to rank 3 in alliance ranking!
So, our week ended on a good note, giving us a sense of achievement that might just save us for a few more days.