[Record Post] GoC, Server 495, Island Log - Day 3 and 4(Season1)

Day 3:
Routine set in and we found a pace and times on which most players would be available to attack lairs.
My pro had now enough SX soldiers to be fully stacked, so resource nodes level 5 were now starting to be mine.
And excitingly, new creatures: hornets! After comparing the loot to regular creatures, we found that the loot was not much more than from regular creatures, however, by receiving chests containing resources, you can choose exactly how much of which resource you would like to receive.
Day 4:
Special Ants Day, and for the first time opening island eggs!
Since the gods of golden eggs never shone on me, I was only vaguely excited and tried not to get my hopes up. After only receiving blue ants from altogether 12 island eggs, I was still very disappointed.
On this day, it felt especially like high activity is not honored at all and only those being able to spend a lot of money, or those being lucky, would get anything out of the island.
I leveled up my Crimson Healer, as well as a Red Head and Red Leafcutter to speed up healing and reduce costs for it, hoping it would help during the next few weeks.

First communications with other alliances on our server started, to make careful plans what we would do differently, if we ever participated in the event again.

On the island, we took a day of rest and only beat 3 low level lairs.
Getting 9th reward on warzone and spreading warzone points between Colony actions helped a lot to fill up empty depots at least a little.


Well written! How did you feel about the distance increasing strength on creatures?
I was surprised first time got beat, taught me to pay attention.

Thank you! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Yeah, I was surprised too, it completely changed my creature hunting behavior.
Resource nodes was worse though. Spent so many TPs for them, or accepted long run times to hit a high level inside alliance territory

es muy interesante hormiguitas