[Record Post] GoC, server 495, Island Log - Day 1 and 2(Season1)

Island Log Week 1
Day 1: After three long weeks of waiting, we were finally able to move to the island.
With the motto “Schniedel im Wind” we started to explore our new home: Pearl Island.
Our goal? Have fun, experience new game play and move as quickly as possible.
Pushed by the success of the other alliances on our island and not knowing what to expect, we dipped right in, did our dailies to get clay, beat the first resource nodes to start collecting season troops, enhanced the first buildings and conquered two lairs and a residence level 6 after just a few hours.
We knew the residence would be hard, and even though we were cheering for being able to beat 11. 7 million island troops on the first day, reality set in somewhat after I checked my resources: over the day I had used up 120 million honeydew and many other resources just for healing purposes, not only from the fortresses, but also from creatures and resource nodes.
Luckily, I had brought just as many non reinforced troops as reinforced ones and the first few season troops were starting to trickle in as reward for reaching milestones (just log in every day).

Before reset, I sent out troops to my resource nodes to start pregathering.

Day 2: Gathering day on warzone! What to do? Stay raider to increase healing speed and have more attack power or switch to cultivator to at least get 8th reward on warzone? The decision was easy in the end, switch to cultivator, quickly do the dailies, conquer buildings, that were on the menu for the day and inbetween: gather as much as possible.
Towers were building slowlier than usual, but we still managed to keep to our schedule.
At server reset I also had reward 8 for warzone.

To be continued…


Day 3:
Routine set in and we found a pace and times on which most players would be available to attack lairs.
My pro had now enough SX soldiers to be fully stacked, so resource nodes level 5 were now starting to be mine.
And excitingly, new creatures: hornets! After comparing the loot to regular creatures, we found that the loot was not much more than from regular creatures, however, by receiving chests containing resources, you can choose exactly how much of which resource you would like to receive.
Day 4:
Special Ants Day, and for the first time opening island eggs!
Since the gods of golden eggs never shone on me, I was only vaguely excited and tried not to get my hopes up. After only receiving blue ants from altogether 12 island eggs, I was still very disappointed.
On this day, it felt especially like high activity is not honored at all and only those being able to spend a lot of money, or those being lucky, would get anything out of the island.
I leveled up my Crimson Healer, as well as a Red Head and Red Leafcutter to speed up healing and reduce costs for it, hoping it would help during the next few weeks.

First communications with other alliances on our server started, to make careful plans what we would do differently, if we ever participated in the event again.

On the island, we took a day of rest and only beat 3 low level lairs.
Getting 9th reward on warzone and spreading warzone points between Colony actions helped a lot to fill up empty depots at least a little.

Week 2 on the island

After participation in fortresses has gone down a lot and we lost about 10 members to inactivity, enthusiasm about the event went downhill.
We slowed down on progress for fortresses, but moved into the unoccupied “area 51”, took a few residences and lairs, but rather half-heartedly.
Important to know is that if you move into a territory that is not your own, you cannot teleport directly into any fortress zone, unless you own a residence in the area. That means longer marching times and fewer spaces at fortresses which should be included in any tactics you prepare.
But alas, through this, we gained the special skill of last minute tower building.

It seems that fortresses in foreign territories are divided into several sections. If the residence of that section is owned by your alliance, you can teleport directly to the entire fortress zones within a residence section once you reach a zone with a tower.

Sunday, groundhog day.
We started the day with a lot of bugs pertaining to groundhogs, one of them being that groundhog rallies were not announced in alliance chat. We still somehow managed to do all groundhogs necessary and keep our humor.

Knowing full well that it could be break it or make it, we decided to try a level 7 lair.

With our war cry “Schniedel im Wind” we started with a team of 25-30 players, less than anticipated.

What can I say? We did it!

34 exciting minutes after the first rally hit, all troops in the lair were dead and we could move onto breaking down the durability.
With a few minutes to spare, we finished the lair and were catapulted to rank 3 in alliance ranking!
So, our week ended on a good note, giving us a sense of achievement that might just save us for a few more days.

Lost Island Hints - special ants to help you

There are several special ants that might help you manage your resource costs and also speed ups for healing when stationed in your anthill.

  1. Healing
    -Crimson Healer (orange)
    Skills 3 and 6 will help with resource costs (only skill 6 includes honeydew), while 2 and 4 will reduce time that troops need to heal
    -Red Head (blue)
    Skill 2 will reduce time that troops need to heal, skill 3 reduces resource costs
  • Red Leafcutter (green)
    Skill 2 reduces time that troops need to heal.
  1. Increase resource production
  • Giant Destructor (orange) Honeydew
  • Yellow Spider (purple) Sand production
  • Red Foot (purple) Plant
  • Green Head (purple) Wet Soil
    Level up skills 2,4,5 and 6.
    When you’re cultivator, collect the free resources from the Resource Factory after activating all skills possible.
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