[Record Post] BL | S346 Dzf | B: 9, G: ?, #SL: 391

Observer’s Information

In-Game Name: HIT
Alliance: Dizzy One Force (Dzf)
Members: 75 / 100
Personal Observer Goal:

Observer’s Journal - Table of Contents

Observer’s Journal - Table of Contents

  1. 24.08.23 - Setting up our alliance
  2. 00/00/00 - Matchmaking Ends
  3. 00/00/00 -

Group ??? Information

Name   Abbr Server Leader Members Power
Dizzy One Force 1   DzF 346 Beta° 75 6'304'821'920
Army of Anubis   AoA 310 Anubis Omega 85 7'921'125'276
Peaceful Myrmekes   ZAR 340 Rafant 98 7'760'076'690
TirolChoco   TRL 546 なおPAPA 85 6'785'931'045
Minna Daisuki   MDP 443 名前戻しました 55 5'313'907'168
Arikui   ar0 455 超絶大胸筋ショウ 70 3'843'827'014


As the time draws closer to the end of matchmaking the entire alliance is focused on getting easier matches, an obstacle of division arises, A glimpse at my alliance chats shows a division in Ideas, To be a team the alliance needs to decide which method is more effective during match making. Turning off all mutations till matchmaking is over or reduce alliance total power and hiding titles and skins.

The Leaders indecision is dangerous, and the Barren land strategic gameplay requires the alliance to work as a collective unit.

As preparation for barren island the alliance members votes for a skin as battles can be crowded. This helps in easy identification of member in need of support or under attack.

Members are then sorted into t10 and t9 users. Therefore, highlighting the need for a co-ordinated attack thereby dividing members into groups of (3) t10 users to (8) t9 Users as members would be summoned to work under groups with group tables and group tasks.