[Record Post] Barren Land - S775 - SL940,END


As I zipped up my ant-sized suitcase, the icy wind whipped my little six foot. The end of winter is near and I was ready for a change. The promise of spring days filled my little ant’s heart with hope. I called my ants to the nest and shared my excitement about the upcoming migration. They waved their antennas in approval and we all said goodbye to our old friends.

Everything was new to me as I scurried across the S.775 landscape. Even the coordinates X:600 Y:600 felt different. As if the land around the tree was greener. Haha, maybe it was just my ant eyes playing tricks on me.

In this new server, I stumbled upon GH statistics. The numbers danced before my eyes like pixelated raindrops. And then it happened—I did my first perhaps stupid thing. I spent 85 skins GH to get a green star. Don’t laugh! If you realized that you wouldn’t get the remaining 15 shells, maybe you’d have repeated my work too. But as I calculated, I saw that I needed more hatching speed than that. Here with these players, the least I need to do is sacrifice T9, 20% faster hatching speed will be more useful for me.

I’m still checking the statistics of kills and forces among alliance members. A few connections have sprouted like digital dandelions. But in the coming days, these relationships will surely grow stronger and more memorable.

I feel that this period will be full of excitement for me. This period feels like an ant-sized rollercoaster ride! My adrenal glands are working overtime—haha! Who knew that ant life could be so exhilarating? I may have to drink twice as much coffee as the new season begins to keep up with the excitement.


Alrighty, the stage is set for this BL season. At first glance, some of the competitors seem like old friends. Time to dust off my diary and do some homework. In the not-so-distant future, I’ll be doing some detective work on our competitors and allies, and spill the beans to you. My sixth sense is tingling - this season is going to be a rollercoaster ride, with battles that’ll have us on the edge of our seats. But hey, I’m an optimist. Let’s see where this tug of war between the blue and red camp leads us. And which camp will be taking the trophies home. One thing I can vouch for right now is that our alliance is rock solid and in sync. And our leaders? They’ve got game experience in BL. So, let’s roll!



As we stand on the threshold of Nowruz, the grand festivity that marks the Persian New Year, I’m bubbling with wishes of serenity and benevolence for all. May our days ahead be as harmonious as a symphony and as warm as a friendly smile. :partying_face: :partying_face:

In the spirit of Nowruz, I’m hoping for a year filled with joy and the gentle hum of peace. And as we leap into the BL event, I’m secretly wishing for my wife to embrace the thrill of driving during our holiday jaunts. Not only does she have the uncanny ability to navigate better than a GPS, but it also gives me a sneaky chance to indulge in my tower-building saga in the game. (But let’s keep that between us; it’s my master plan to enjoy some uninterrupted gaming time!) :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

The camp’s protection is perfectly timed with my peak gaming hours. And with the holidays in full swing, it’s an unexpected boon. I get to enjoy the festivities and still have ample time to strategize and play. It’s like the game is gifting me extra holiday cheer! :star_struck:

And here’s a surprise: an email from the fairy, heralding the addition of Persian to our game’s linguistic arsenal in the next update. A true game-changer, especially when the chat turns into a high-speed chase of words, and I’m left in the digital dust. :gift_heart: :revolving_hearts:

With the start of the BL event, we have 9 days to strengthen our camp. The battle lines are drawn, and the red camp looms on the horizon. Rumor has it that their alliance is formidable, but hey, I’m all about that base—no treble. Let’s see how the dice roll, but I’m betting on us to emerge victorious. Game on! :muscle:


Well, well, well, it seems like both the red and blue camps have been busy ants , conquering more than 90% of their primary areas. So far, it’s like watching a synchronized dance, with both competitors moving forward almost in unison. But the ticking clock is like a drumbeat in the background, reminding everyone that the first face-off between these two camp is just around the corner.

We’re all hustling and bustling, trying to rack up as many championship points as we can before D-Day. Next week is going to be a game-changer. The strategy and unity of camp members, along with their activity levels, will be the deciding factors in this epic battle.

Everyone’s got their eyes on the prize, aiming to occupy the wonders so they can strut into the next stage of battle with all guns blazing. As for me, I’m counting down the days, eagerly awaiting an adrenaline-pumping showdown.


Team YGG! Let’s do this End!


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Today was the day of the Horsemen. The “END” alliance, riding on their watermelon skins like they were the latest fashion trend, experienced their first taste of battle. The red camp in the southern region was feeling pretty peachy, thanks to their stash of healing mushrooms. But the “END” alliance wasn’t about to let them have all the fun. We managed to occupy the harbor and send their three forts to the recycle bin. Every member fought with the ferocity of a caffeine-addicted squirrel. In this battle, I alone used up 420 units of stamina and all my healing mushrooms. I’m pretty sure my comrades in the Ittihad can relate.

The “ARI” alliance also put their best foot forward today. stood like a rock in front of the “ONE” alliance in the final moments, and another epic battle was fought in the southern region. The “ARI” alliance is now so close to us, they’re practically breathing down our necks. Just one more tower separates us.

Tomorrow promises to be as exciting as a season finale with the arrival of the “ONE” alliance in the conflict zone. I wait with bated breath to see what strategies these two camps will fight after the reset. Even though I’m just a small ant in this game, I love being in the thick of the ants, fighting alongside the big ants and against the red camp, which boasts some pretty hefty players.

Up north, things are as calm as a zen garden. The “YGG” alliance is advancing at their own pace, not yet ready to join the fray in the southern region.
Today, both camps duked it out with respect and professionalism, making this game as enjoyable as a rollercoaster ride. Hats off to the efforts of both camps.

But wait, there’s a new twist in the tale. With the release of the new game version that supports my native language, both my kids have joined the ants . They pepper me with questions every day, seizing every opportunity to tap into my experiences. As a strict dad, I tell them to stand on their own six feet and strive for independence. But it’s like talking to a brick wall. Right now, I’m just glad my wife isn’t interested in playing. I wouldn’t stand a chance of being strict with her :smile: :rofl:


We’ve spent the past week in a state of tranquility, occasionally breaking out into skirmishes just for kicks, like impromptu spring showers. We’ve been saving our strength for the second act, like a wrestler conserving energy for the final round. Given that we had racked up enough points to claim victory in the first act, our leaders decided to call a ceasefire on the heavy-duty combat. Of course, the Red Camp’s performance was a game-changer. With their superior numbers and high activity levels, they managed to encircle us in the southern part of the island, reminding us that the southern wonder is their turf, and they’re not about to hand it over without a fight.

On the other hand, the ONE alliance launched an attack on our territory from the north, a region that was beyond our reach. Our leaders decided to let the YGG alliance hold the fort on their own, given the considerable distance between us and that area. Despite their best efforts, they couldn’t halt the ONE alliance’s advance from the red camp.

I have a hunch that one day our alliance and the ONE alliance will lock horns, and both alliances will be fighting tooth and nail for survival. I’m looking forward to witnessing some of the most thrilling battles and moments of the game. Even though we’ve had a few trial runs, we’ve never fought to the bitter end.

Today, the gates of tunel LV8 open, ushering us into the second stage of the island. Both camps wasted no time in starting to build their towers. It’s unlikely that we’ll cross swords today, but tomorrow is another story. Tomorrow is the day of the grand battle. The points scored from this area for the third stage are a game-changer, and by that reckoning, the coming week is going to be a week of battles, battles, and nothing but battles.


As dawn breaks, the ant armies align, their antennae twitching with anticipation. The generals have fortified their sand towers, and the grassy plains are about to become a 20-foot deep battlefield. It’s not just a skirmish; it’s a battle! :sunrise_over_mountains:

More than half a million ants will fight each other, one can’t help but wonder: how many will return to their cozy anthills? And at what cost? The healing mushrooms are in stock. :ant:

Our ant commander is all in, ready to send every last ant into the dirt dance. And let’s not forget the human behind the scenes, setting alarms for the hour of 3:00 am, for the sacred ritual of morning coffee and well-oiled, nimble fingers. Because when the battle commences, it’s not just the ants that need to be agile – it’s the thumbs that guide them! :rofl:

The island’s skies are brooding, heavy with clouds that whisper promises of a storm to rival the tantrums of toddlers. The winds howl, conspiring with the elements to unleash a tempest that could make Hurricane Katrina look like a gentle breeze. :dash:

So, as our valiant ant warriors prepare for battle and the humans oil up for a thumb war of epic proportions, we can only wait and see what the morrow brings. Will it be victory or defeat? A triumphant march or a retreat to the anthills? Only time will tell in the Ant Battle . :boom:



Alright, let’s face it. Things didn’t exactly go according to our master plan. The world isn’t always a bed of roses, is it? The storm that I’d hinted at in my previous post did indeed roll in. But instead of a refreshing downpour, it resulted in all our towers being wiped off the battlefield. It was a moment of reckoning. We, my friends and I, had given it our all. But the red camp, they played their cards better. So far, they’re the ones wearing the victory crown. Sure, our alliance has racked up the highest championship and killing points. But when it comes to the game on the island, it’s all about teamwork. And in this department, the red camp has outshone us. They’ve been like a well-oiled machine, working in perfect harmony


Alrighty then. This chapter of our island adventure is drawing to a close. Despite our unity and the stellar resistance that made every moment of this journey a thrill ride, victory eluded us. The reason? Clear as day. The red camp clinched the win with their superior numbers and top-notch teamwork. Unfortunately, our allies were a bit thin on the ground, which threw a wrench in our plans. It was a stark reminder that the outcome of the island event hinges on active participation.

Now, there’s a story I’ve heard, real or not, that I often find myself mulling over at times like these. Here’s how it goes: One day, a scientist’s lab caught fire due to an accident. As the fruits of his labor went up in flames, he realized he was powerless to stop it. So, he pulled up a chair at a safe distance and watched his lab burn. When asked why he wasn’t worried, he replied, ‘When I can’t do anything else, I might as well enjoy the sight of a beautiful fire.’ I try to take a leaf out of his book, finding joy in defeat if victory isn’t in the cards. It’s a philosophy I apply both in the game and in real life.

In the coming days, as the island event winds down, I plan to sit back and enjoy the show, watching my friends continue the good fight and savoring the final moments.


For 38 days in the island event, I stood shoulder to shoulder with my comrades, fighting tooth and nail until the last soldier fell. Even though the final scorecard didn’t declare us the winners, I can’t say I’m down in the dumps. Far from it. I relished every moment of the battle, standing alongside my resolute friends. It’s the first time that tasting defeat has left such a sweet aftertaste.

Because every active member of our team fought like a lion, right up to the final whistle. Even in the closing moments, when it was clear as day that victory was out of our grasp, they savored every second of the battle. Their spirit, their joy, it was infectious. It filled me with happiness.

I want to take a moment to express my gratitude to all my friends for this precious gift - the thrill of battle. It’s an experience I’ll cherish. :pray: