🗺️ Race of Champions - Lost Island-Formal Edition S1 Map(S2) 📍[ Eight language version📜 ]

:bangbang:The big tree is not put in because there is no space (this is normal) :bangbang:

Simple Big Picture :inbox_tray:

Marker diagram P1 :inbox_tray: P2 :inbox_tray:

CH-中文… 高清 :inbox_tray: 壓縮 :inbox_tray:

EN-English… HD :inbox_tray: LOW :inbox_tray:

KR-한국어… 양질의 :inbox_tray: 저품질 :inbox_tray:

DE-Deutsch… hochwertig :inbox_tray: geringe Qualität :inbox_tray:

RU-ру́сский язы́к… высокого качества :inbox_tray: низкое качество :inbox_tray:

JP-にほんご… 高品質 :inbox_tray: 低品質 :inbox_tray:

FR-Français… haute qualité :inbox_tray: basse qualité :inbox_tray:

**TH-ราชอาณาจักรไทย…**คุณภาพสูง :inbox_tray: คุณภาพต่ำ :inbox_tray:


If you need building data please click :rocket:

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If you want to access all files please click here :rocket:

If you want to find me, you can search ಥ π ಥ#0065 on DISCORD

If you have a map error report, please click here :outbox_tray:
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Today is the last day of convocation for the island movers
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