Prediction On The Date/Time Of Cross-Server Convocation And Lost Island Registration

Are you wondering or curious to have a rough estimation of when those mentioned in the topic will be available?

Below are some of my prediction which I personally feel is accurate! I decided to make this post to address some of the people I saw asking questions related to this. :slight_smile:

According to past experience, season registration will begin soon when the season preview ends.

What are the date and time of server registration and cross-server convocation?

  • My best guess is 00:00/30 UTC on 25 July 2022 for cross-server convocation opens (Season preview ends).

  • Season registration should take place on 28 July 2022 on 00:00/30 UTC as it was the leaked date for season registration.

Additional Note(s): Ensure your alliance has sufficient space to invite another alliance(s)/player(s) beforehand, according to my prediction if you do not have enough space you might face errors. To prevent issues like this, it is better to sort them out before the season preview ends.

  • Yes, this is a piece of great information.
  • No, I already know about this.

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