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Add other languages in game chat settings. Many languages are not available in this section so the game chat translator service can translate them. For example, if I send a message in Farsi, it will be translated into English, but the opposite does not happen. I mean only chat settings.


For those who have reached building level 25. Some elements in Ladybug, which are not useful, would be better if they were removed.


I would be happy if there was a way to move troops around the barracks quickly.


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Allow alliances to color code other alliances. This will make it easier for people to understand who they can and cannot attack. Example
Purple: Ally
Orange: Peace
Red: War


I have a lot of Toxic Mushroom but I do not know where to use because my Toxic Fungi level 25.
Can we exchanged to diamond or somethings else


ID: 65713844

Perhaps an in game notification can be added in the Battle Reports tab, to let us know when our shield has been activated and also when our shield has run out of time? This would be helpful for me to know what time my shield ran out. There have been a few times that I “knew” my shield had (x) amount of time left, but upon returning to the game, I had been attacked but I “knew” my shield shouldn’t have run out yet. If there is a time stamp when I activate the shield and I know which type of shield I am using this could help pinpoint if there is sometimes a “glitch” present that causes the shield to deactivate. I have suspicions there is a possible glitch that caused this to happen to me a couple of times. Thank you! :blush::blush:


I’d really want to see some adjustments for Groundhog damage. I’m playing guardians, and I have bought myself great insect, I’ve bought ants, and I feel very confident in pvp, but when it comes to pve I’m getting beaten by those who playing shooters, with a regular insect, regular (not even season) ants. Yesterday I was pushed out of top 50 in groundhog event, while I easily holding top 5-10 in pvp. I’m very demotivated and disappointed. Please consider some PvE damage adjustments for guardians.


Would be great if we have the chance of have better ways to recruit during CSC events.

I have as idea create…


Im sure during SvS, Alliance Expedition, Lost Island or Barren Land events you meet with awesome players who desire join you or you want in your team but it is hard connect with them for Nation Limitations on communication or because there are no proper communication channels to have a direct communication.

It would be great to be able to bid on players that are attractive to your team, to promote a more friendly recruitment and at the same time reward the talent you are looking for.

What does this idea consist of?

The desired player will be proposed by the R5, the R5 share those player’s ID then you can check as alliance his/her Power, Server, Kill count mainly.

Once it is clear the player is looking to recruit, the rest of the alliance from R1 to R5 can donate resources to create a recruitment offer, this offer can only be composed of “Game Resources” like Leaves, Meat, Wet Soil, Sand, Honey and Diamonds, once consolidated the offer will be sent to the player, who will have 48 hours to respond to the call for recruitment.

What we got with this idea?

  1. Link Community
  2. Create Friendly Recruitment
  3. Encourage Activity during Events
  4. Promote Activity inside Alliances
  5. Promote Competition
  6. Promote Cooperation
  7. Introduce new uses for Resources
  8. Create stronger Servers and Alliances



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I think it would be nice if you could somehow down grade the toxic fungi for farms. Maybe similar to how only pro troops can collect honeydew only they could do damage to the toxic fungi maybe one level at a time or a percentage so eventually it could get completely removed.

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Me too. After its level 25 we no longer need it or can use it!

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  1. The ability to send some items to alliance members. For those of us at level 25 we dont needs the items.
  2. Lessen the time for ralleys OR give the ralley leader to lessen the time. Ie. Lizards, groundhog, pango.
  3. New members need to be put onto the many servers. Since the islands many servers have lost many players!

A lot of times, we miss important messages from our alliance mates during a fight. I think it would be cool if we had a way for officers to send a special alert to a specific player to check the alliance chat. Something like a green flash around the screen for a few seconds, kind of like the red flash when we get attacked. This could be useful for many situations, not just battles.


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Poisoned resources.

Have a buff/debuff that only activates when you are attacked more than once by someone 5 levels or higher above you. It could also be based on how frequently you are attacked by the same player.

The debuff is that the resources/kills they get spreads a disease/poison causing the attacking troops to die or be injured. Or it could cause resources to be spoilt

The aim is to stop higher level players camping lower levels and wiping them out. This happens and is a huge disadvantage and enough to make some new players quit.


Suggestions collected , thank you