Need help with Choice of ants

Please, i am new to the game and would like to know which ants are best for raiding( im a raider class)
Should I go for full carrier, or full shooter or full guardian.
Right now, i use 1 guardian and 2 trooper. Please let me know if the squad is ok?
Also, can you please tell me which is best for kills and for rss?

Thank you in advance


Welcome to the forum.

the type and level of your unique ants play a significant role. To facilitate a more in-depth discussion on the most effective combinations, it would be greatly appreciated if you could share an image of your distinctive ants, along with details regarding their type and level.

For varying gameplay strategies, the following approaches are recommended:

PvP (Player vs. Player):
Assuming you are a shooter
Conflicts such as duels and conflicts with other players are better with the combination of GSS (Guard-Shooter-Shooter) can be a suitable option.

PvE (Player vs. Environment):
For activities like hunting, including targets like anteaters and groundhogs, a full squad of either shooters, guards, or carriers is advisable.
Looting (Resource Gathering):
In scenarios where you are confident that the opponent’s nest lacks defenses, deploying only carriers and units of carrier(T2) or (T1) is optimal.

We look forward to your participation and the shared insights on strategic gameplay.

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من اگر با مورچه باربر کار کنم چطور است سطح ۱۶ هستم و t6

سلام . به نظر من تا وقتی که هر سه نوع (تیرانداز . حامل. نگهبان )را T8 نگرفتی انتخواب سبک مهم نیست . و تا اون وقت اولویت با حانل هست . بهترین انتخاب را کردی تو لینک زیر توضیحات بیشتری دادم

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