Interview : Eagle R5 MAY S846

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Dear friends, today I am at your service with an interview with our friend Eagle from S.846. Eagle is the leader of the [Mayi]MayiEmpire alliance. In the last event SL.846 I tasted his ant teeth (it was painful). In this period, the victory belonged to them, and I say to Otbrik about the victory. But we gained experience together and I had the honor of meeting a new friend and a worthy leader.

Could you kindly introduce yourself and elaborate on your role and interactions within your alliance?

I am R5, mainly as a decision-maker and communication window. I don’t actually lead the alliance operations but R4 leads the team, and I only lead the R4 group.

From your perspective, could you compare the strengths and weaknesses of BL with those of LI?

LI is like moving forward in a crowd. You don’t know who your friends are or who your enemies are. You rely on diplomacy and communication to move forward step by step, but in the end there is only one winner, and there will be disputes at this time. Greedy alliances will be eliminated first, but whether the remaining alliances can become winners depends on luck. Alliance strength is relatively unimportant.
BL is a competition between 3v3 teams. You know who is your friend and who is your enemy. There is no need to guess. At the same time, because there are three winners, there is less competition within the team, and the strength of the alliance is very important. Of course, good war prediction and planning can make teams of similar strength win. More like a war board game.

How does your leadership effectively address the challenges posed by BL, especially in hostile environments?

I advocate group operations, with the R4 team brainstorming and me making the final decision, rather than just following my opinions and making strategies to avoid subjective mistakes made by individuals.

Would you be willing to share some of the key events that occurred during BL, including both positive and negative experiences?

A good team experience is of course the most positive, but often some alliances believe too much in their own strength and ignore the importance of team combat. Let a winnable war be lost.

What was your initial strategy when BL started? Were there any circumstances that necessitated changes in this strategy as events unfolded?

Group battles have always been my only strategy and should not be modified under any circumstances. But it’s actually very difficult to do this. You must make appropriate corrections for your teammates.

In the last BL event, we saw ourselves as rivals and your team won. What mistakes do you think our team made, and do you think we could have had a chance to win if we had taken a different approach?

In this BL, both sides performed very well at the beginning, but as time goes by, there will be disputes among the team members over the winners and losers of the war. At this time, the team will easily become divided. Your team will lack a coordinator when the quarrel begins. This situation accelerated the division. The red team lost. Otherwise, in general, the red team may be stronger in 3v3. At the beginning of the war, I already discovered that the red team had more people playing T10 than the blue team.

Do you have any advice or tips that you could offer to individuals who are new or relatively inexperienced with the BL event?

Don’t use LI’s experience in BL.

People who are on the same team are friends. No matter whether they are strong or weak, whether there are many people or few people, you must trust your friends no matter what. Being from different countries, this is difficult to do.
Once you lose teamwork, it’s hard to win.

I understand that you might have heard about the new VJ (Vast-Jungle) event. Could you share your thoughts on this event?

All I know at the moment is that it’s an unbalanced game. Don’t know anything else.

Finally, I would like to thank “Eagle” for taking the time to conduct this interview :heart_eyes: