How to transfer a hill

How to transfer my hill to a new device

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It depends on your previous device.

If you had apple and are switching to another apple device you should do the following steps:

  1. Make sure your Hill was bound through either Apple ID, Facebook, Vkontakte or Game Center.
  2. Install the App on your new device and play to Queen Level 6.
  3. Go into the Account Settings and select Switch Account.
  4. Make sure the option you had on your old device is connected on your new one as well and select that option. There should be a window popping up where it asks you if you wanna connect with XYZ Account but your current Level 6 hill will be lost.

If you had apple and switched to an android device you need to open a ticket on the official Discord Server. Game Center and Moderators are not able to help in those instances.