How do i get ahold of an admin

Need help asap!!! Please!!!

Hi Slim, I notice this is your first post. How can we help?

Can I have admin, it would be so funny :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Lumi, I need to cancel our sign up for lost island my alliance doesn’t want to go. One of our R4s signed up by accident because he said he didn’t know what it meant I even had time but it wouldn’t let me. Is there anyway to cancel it?

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Hello slimthugga77, if I am not mistaken I do believe you will have to wait until after island starts and the option to leave the island becomes available. In which case you and your alliance may find out that the changes made to island have greatly improved the overall game play. Please let me know if this helps.

To be honest @Filthydoll it’s not helpful lol, but what else can i do right. Problem is all the members from the alliances on our server who wanted to go to LI consolidated and went. From that alliance that left I actually took in some of its members who didn’t want to go. So this is pretty horrible… especially because the R4 who signed us up had translation issues and didn’t realize what he did and now feels outrageously horrible about it. I’ll be lucky to come back with half of my alliance still wanting to play. Last time i went we left with probably 80 and came back with 50. I unfortunately have RL issues that impede me to be active enough to participate in LI, well not enough to be useful at least.

It’s limited time I believe

We have to wait 17 days right?

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Yes, that is correct
@Filthydoll posted more information on leaving and voting process in his first screen shot.


Are you currently in the Lost Island server, or are you in the Preview stage before you head over? Which group are you in: 1, 2, or 3?

I wouldn’t even know where to find that info lol

Okay. So your alliance hasn’t been sent to the Island as of yet, because you’re still in the matchmaking phase. You will then have 2 days to select the territory that you will call home for the next (at least) 2 weeks. After the Competition Period starts, you have a 17 day countdown until you can go back home. Here are some benefits of this time:

  1. Free TPs anywhere in your home area.
  2. Centralized resource gathering.
  3. No one can attack you for the first week, and usually into the second.
  4. Some small and different rewards than usual gameplay.

If, after the 17 days, you still want to go home, the option will be available to you. But it won’t really hurt your Warzone shells or other usual rewards by accidentally being included during that time :slight_smile: .

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Thanks Lumi i really appreciate it.