[giveaway]complete the drawing


Anty’s The ant was walking down the street when a snail :snail: appeared and handed him an invitation to a drawing contest. Anty becomes enthralled and decides to give it a shot. After a while, he returns to the location, gathers his drawing materials, and sits down under the tree :evergreen_tree:, but he has no idea what he must draw :thinking: He appears to be in desperate need of your assistance. Can you assist him with his drawing?

:gift:Participation Rewards: 30k Wet soil, 30k Meat, 30k Plant and 30x 1min Speedups
:gift:Good Drawing Rewards: 30k Sand, 80k Honey dew, 80k Wet soil and 45x1min speedups

:alarm_clock:Event Deadline:
November 28 (23:59:59, UTC+0)

:gem:Complete the drawing using your own imaginations
:gem:Leave your comments here with your answer and ID under the event post of our Facebook Page.
:gem:The post will be published in multiple channels, and a game ID can only receive this reward once.

PS. This event is held by Event Team and the event team will only represent the view themselves and the official does not pay any responsibility for any types of disputes caused.

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